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Actually, the woman loses from 8 to 20 pounds for the first two weeks as her body gets rid of all the excessive fluids, but it takes about four weeks for the uterus to restore its normal size. Also, if you are breastfeeding, wait until you and your baby get used to the routine before considering starting losing weight.
Physical exercise is very important for an effective weight loss process after giving birth. However, keep in mind that you should wait for about 6 weeks or until you feel you have recovered from birth before you venture any strenuous exercise. Numerous researches have proved that starving yourself to death is not the way to lose weight effectively.
Getting enough sleep is very important for figuring out how to lose baby weight fast, especially excess weight gained after birth. Seeing celebrities strutting round in skinny jeans just weeks after they've given birth can make new mothers anxious. Liberal Democrat Minister for Women and Equalities Jenny Willott is today urging new mothers to focus on the joys of parenthood, not losing weight.

Kim Kardashian hated being pregnant, saying the excess weight gain and health problems she endured made her life hell.
There may be a scientific basis for the post-pregnancy weight-loss adage, "Nine months on, nine months off". Jessica Simpson put her toned legs and 70-pound weight loss on display in a pair of super-short daisy dukes, Us reported Friday. But many young mothers find it rather annoying that they don't know how to lose baby weight fast after giving birth.
Yes, they crave cheeseburgers, struggle to take off baby weight and even—gasp!—get cellulite. Doctors in Canada say three to 12 months after birth is the key time to start losing the "baby weight". If you start losing weight too soon, your strength will be reduced and you’ll get tired more easily.
If you still cannot get into your pre-baby clothes, there is an opportunity to refresh your closet.

But they can throw money at the problem, spending upward of $300 an hour on the best trainers to transform their bodies. Mothers who fail to lose excess weight within a year after delivery or put pounds on may be risking their health, they report in Diabetes Care.
Fitting in some physical exercise can be difficult but is not impossible once you set your heart to achieve your goal. As your child gets older, you can involve him in many indoor activities—from rolling on the floor to dancing or even playing hide and seek.

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