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These homemade rainbow sprinkles are so much better than storebought sprinkles because you canВ skip the refined sugar, trans fats and unhealthy food coloring (see the nutrition label comparison below). With these homemade sprinkles, you can skip all the unnecessary fat, saturated fatВ andВ trans fats, not to mention all the sugar and dangerous food colorings! Instead of all this business with erythritol, meaning you have to buy the stuff, you could just make it with royal icing (egg whites, icing sugar and colorings) and then once dry, you can break it into little pieces. Well, the whole point of using the erythritol is to AVOID using high-glycemic, non-nutritious, refined sugar.
As for the food dye, I have never tried making my own at home because I am completely satisfied with the Natures Flavors kinds.

People love the sugar cookies that come out of this recipe because they are light, fluffy, and soft.
If you find that you have added too much sugar and it's too stiff, then add another tablespoon of milk, up to four tablespoons total. When you are happy with the consistency, separate your frosting into however many colors of frosting you will be using. The amount of powdered sugar you will use depends entirely on the desired consistency of the frosting (up to 2 cups of powdered sugar).
If refrigerating overnight, make the frosting right before you're reading to roll, cut, and bake the dough; however, you can make it ahead of time and store in an air-tight container in the fridge a day or two in advance.

This is because the amount of powdered sugar you will use depends entirely on the desired consistency of the frosting.

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