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I put together a quick Cheat Sheet for Jorge Cruise's Happy Hormones, Slim Belly diet plan.
Jorge Cruise has a new diet book out called Happy Hormones Slim Belly (available on Amazon for $15).
The book says it is written especially for women over 40, and will help us regulate hormones like Serotonin.
During the two Slim Days of the diet, you strictly limit your Sugar Calories (or Total Carbohydrates multiplied by 4) to 100. Jorge created a beautiful book trailer for Happy Hormones Slim Belly here and next week I will have a Happy Hormones Slim Belly Cheat Sheet for you to reference!
The 100 Diet - This is where Jorge introduced Sugar Calories, which is Total Carbohydates x 4. I've looked around at many other low carb diet plans; Paleo, Wheat Belly, Slow Carb to name a few. I've just put together a quick guide for the Belly Fat Cure Diet plan that I wanted to share with you all!
I trained for about three months and followed Hal Higdon's Beginners Marathon Training Plan to the "T", until I couldn't. For the Husband's birthday I wanted to make a special veggie dish and came across this recipe, that I decided to modify for both our diets (Me=Low Carb, He=Mostly Vegan).

The same is true for your hormones.В As you age and get into habits like eating too much sugar, drinking too much wine or coffee, and downing quarter-pound burgers at the drive-through, your metabolism takes a hit and stops functioning optimally.
In my new book, The Hormone Reset Diet, on sale March 17th (you can pre-order a copy here), I explain the link between the foods you eat and the key weight-impacting hormones in your body. The plan can be found in just one place—my new book, The Hormone Reset Diet, which hits bookstore shelves in mid-March. Jorge has even come out with additional books in the last few years (The 100, Happy Hormones Slim Belly). If you feel any of the symptoms listed below, The Hormone Reset Diet will address the root causes and help you lose weight and feel better.
Unlike the hands on your watch dial however, you never think to reset your hormones once or twice a year.
What I determined after years of my own attempts at weight loss and a deep dive into the latest research is that there’s a direct link between the foods you eat and the seven key hormones known to throw you out of whack.
The first 45 pages explain the plan, the following 200 pages are menus and recipes, and several success stories (but no fabulous photos to accompany those stories, which I missed!) The new book is hardcover, not spiral like the Belly Fat Cure books, and has a pink cover. In response, I created a three-week plan that allows you to reset and rebalance your metabolism by cutting out certain foods or beverages for three days (c’mon, we can ALL do that!). But I do love that I know how to order fast food on this plan, Protein Style burger or crunchy tacos are usually good.

Best of all, you can start a new and fresh conversation with yourself, and get your hormones to fire correctly again.
By committing to the full program, you’ll better understand which hormonal imbalances are behind your belly bulge and low energy.
Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Fatness is the result of major hormonal misfires in women, and forceful approaches to losing weight fail to address the hormonal root cause in strategy, tactics and delivery.Fortunately, there is a solution.
When you disrupt these 7 hormones in 3-day bursts, it takes you a total of twenty-one days to recreate a collaborative team of your metabolic hormones. You will grow the happy and diverse bacteria that keep you lean and shed the bacteria that make you fat.Remember, this is not a restrictive diet. This modified excerpt originally The Hormone Reset Diet: Heal Your Metabolism to Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 21 Days, published by HarperOne.
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