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Lemon Juice Cleanse – The Secret Method Beyonce Used to Lose Over 20 Pounds Beyonce Knowles lost over 20 pounds using the lemon juice cleanse, also known as the master cleanse. We provide free, accurate and independent advice on diet and weight loss issues, natural and prescription medication and prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Remember when you were young and your Mom told you, "Don't eat that cookie, or you'll lose your appetite!" Little did she - or you - know at the time, but she had stumbled on the secret behind the Number One diet sweeping the nation…The Hollywood Cookie DietВ®! The Hollywood Cookie DietВ® is the easiest diet ever and it works because it is based on caloric restriction using meal replacement and portion control. We wrote this book to show you how you can actually shed pounds by adding delicious cookies to your daily diet, along with incorporating healthy lifestyle changes. Weight loss is not as dramatic as with other diets, however green tea is easily combined with other diets to give your weight-loss regime a boost. This diet claims to be a 48 hour miracle diet, where you are allowed to drink only a specially formulated juice. In theory, you should lose between 5 and 10lbs in the 2 days whilst on the diet - this will vary depending on your metabolism and starting weight.

While on the diet you must refrain from drinking alcohol, caffeine based drinks and smoking.
This is the diet of Olympic silver medalist Irina Tschachina ( 5"6 and weighs only 99lbs!) it was such a success for her now many other Russian Gymnasts are following this diet. Background The diet, which was founded by a model named Nyree, focuses on under eating as a quick answer to weight problems. Fad diets promote quick but temporary weight loss not a long term strategy for healthy weight management.
Since 2006, when the cookies were first introduced over six million have been eaten, resulting in slimmer and trimmer bodies all over the world*.
So let's get started on a program destined to win you a weight loss Oscar… The Hollywood Cookie Diet® way. This juice will be the only thing that you are permitted to consume for the next two days. The recipe varies slightly, but basically includes a variety of low-calorie vegetables such as cabbage, onions and tomatoes, flavored with bouillon, onion soup mix and tomato juice.

The long-term results can be achieved only through slow weight loss: developing healthy eating habits and regular physical exercise.
If you drink it as a tea, add some honey, lemon juice and ice for a refreshing summer drink. Since there are only 5 different ones to choose from, for the last two days of the diet, repeat the ones you liked the best. The diet is used commonly by models to keep weight off or lose weight.What to EatThe focus of the diet is not so much what you eat but how much you eat. In an independent medical study of the Hollywood Cookie Diet® the 22 participants lost between 3 and 11 pounds in two weeks. In theory, this would mean that almost anything is allowed, including fast food and sweet, as long as the total calorie intake for the day stays rather low (usually under the 1,000 calorie mark).Benifits As you are starving yourself as part of the diet, weight loss is likely to happen fast.

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