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Designed by 5 star celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, 5 Factor Diet Plan which is also known as “Way of Life” is the most popular weight loss plan. Hollywood celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Eva Mendes, Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, and countless others brought their bodies in perfect shapes by using the marvelous diet plan. 5 Factor Diet Plan consists of five meals in a day, having five factor foods such as low fat protein-rich foods, low to moderate carbs, high fiber foods, healthy fat, and non-sugary drinks. The diet plan needs to be followed five times in a week, along-with five intense workouts of five minutes each.
5 Factor Diet Plan consists of five meals in a day, which means three meals and two snacks. You have to be extra careful while selecting the food items of second factor plan because these food items are picked on the basis of glycemic index. 5 Factor diet plan has perfectly been mingled with workouts for accelerating the metabolism of your body, which further accentuate fat burning process in your body.
The diet plan has categorized workouts into two categories – Cardio workouts and strength training.
Apart from helping you in shedding surplus pounds, the diet solution will also improve your cardiovascular system.

The plan being in favor of rest and recovery process will keep a check on the production of stress hormone named cortisol hormone. You can abide by the plan for a really long time because one ditch day in a week will not let you get bored of it. The diet plan focuses on burning more calories than consumed because you lose weight when your body burns more calories than consumed.
Pasternak very skillfully devised the diet plan, but the diet plan has some drawbacks also. The plan certainly targets on developing healthy eating habits but there is no guidance about the number of calories required to be consumed in a day.
It seems that the plan has neglected normal people and has assumed only celebs as its users.
Workouts have rightly been emphasized in the diet plan, which best suit the needs of busy people. Apart from providing the privilege of five cheat days in five weeks, the total duration of the plan too is five weeks. The diet program being reliant on foods having low ranking of glycemic index such as fruits and vegetables not only stabilize your blood sugar level but also trim down the count of calories in your body.

The main objective of the diet plan is to feed your body with healthy foods before it feels hungry and thus keep a check on your hunger pangs, which are mainly responsible for weight gain. While eliminating stress from your body, the plan will work on your temperament and will make it cheerful. The plan requires you to have a professional cook, who can prepare the recommended meals for you.
Without demanding much time for workouts, the diet program requires you to give just 25 minutes for doing five different workouts, while giving five minutes to each workout. With respect to the Hollywood Cookie DietВ®, based on the recommended 4 cookies per day (approximately 600 calories) and a light sensible dinner (approximately 800 calories), the average person who was previously consuming 3000 calories (or more) per day will lose approximately 15 pounds per month.

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