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The diet involves swapping breakfast, lunch and any snacks in between for just six of the brand's special 90-calorie biscuits - available in flavours including butterscotch, cinnamon oatmeal, chocolate brownie, blueberry, banana and maple syrup - or nine of the little 60-calorie ones. The cookies - which, according to Madonna, made her then-husband Ritchie lose his sex drive in 2008 - are made from fibrous grains such as oats, fruit and amino acids.

A week's supply will set you back upwards of ВЈ41.50, and the diet claims to help you drop 10lb per month. So put down that cutlery.Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet, founded by Miami-based weight-loss expert Dr Sanford Siegal in 1975, is a retro, meal-replacement eating plan of the same ilk as Slim-Fast.

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