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Yeah, but he was probably talking about in normal people when he said that food intolerance rarely cause flushing episodes.Sorry i must not have been clear, he said that it is very very common for food intolerances to cause flushing. Yesterday i saw an allergist who speacilises in food intolerances so i asked the question about antihistamines.
If histamine release is responsible for your flushing, then antihistamines supposedly help tremendously. I had no idea that this could be due to histamine, but it figures, as I only seemed to get this when drinking lagers and that (which are known to be terrible histamine release).
Worst case scenario, you give your body a break from processed foods and allow it a brief period to detoxify. He said he has seen many cases where what looked like rosacea flushing turned out to be food intolerances.
I so hope that's me, cutting out a lot of food chemicals has already made a huge difference to the amount of headaches, palpatations and stomach aches i get.

I have an appointment with an allergist who specialises in food intolerances (including histamine) at the start of Nov so i will have to ask him. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next month when i am super strict.Redcowboy, feeling prickly or irritable is def something that food intolerance can cause. My allergist said that without cutting these completely out i wouldn't see any results at all from cutting out other foods. Heres a bit more info from the RPA hospital allergy unit on food intolrances: FOOD INTOLERANCEReactions to food chemicals are not allergies, strictly speaking.
It hasn't made any impact on the frequency of my flushing though it has seem a bit less intense but this also could be due to a v-beam i had three weeks ago.It's all very complicated, i wish an antihistamine would block all food chemicals. I do take them before big histamine foods but for something like tomato natural msg and salicylates are also may be an issue for me.
The chickens are fed preservatives in their food so the meat is full of chemicals that can cause histamine release.

Children can be irritable or restless, and are sometimes diagnosed as being 'hyperactive'.In many cases, reactions occur only after eating a particularly rich meal or from taking heavily coloured, flavoured or preserved foods and drinks.
I have to follow the strict diet for a month and then see a dietician who tests various foods to pinpoint excatly which ones i react too. These can be quite slow to develop, so it is not always easy to recognise that foods are causing the problem. · Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine so supplementing 2000mg per day can be beneficial.· Folic acid (particularly in amounts over 200mcg per day) increases histamine levels and therefore should be avoided in those people whose histamine levels are already high.
If you're not too sensitive you'll find that simply avoiding very rich or spicy foods and processed foods is all that is necessary.

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