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Histamine intolerance results when your body is ineffective at breaking down histamine.В  This condition can be genetic. Many common foods contain high levels of histamine, or closely allied amines, or histamine-releasing compounds, or substances that block the normal break-down of histamine. To go strictly low histamine you must avoid even so much as a squeeze of lemon juice or a pinch of cinnamon.
Histamine intolerance symptoms may endure throughout our entire lives if we continue to consume large amounts of histamine. Histamine is colorless, odorless and tasteless – undetectable except by scientific analysis, and yet crucial to our well-being. If they rise faster than our bodies can break them down, we experience the excessive inflammation brought on by histamine intolerance, or HIT. Starting a low histamine diet can be tricky, so here are nine tips to help you on your path. Eating low histamine is challenging and for most people, there is absolutely NO REASON to do it. Why you are going low histamine could well influence how long and how strictly you need to eat low histamine.

When you start researching low histamine foods, you will find there are a bunch of lists out there.
I use this low histamine food list, as it gives you a good idea of what you CAN eat, what foods are more marginal and what ones should be avoided entirely.
Histamine reactions are a follow on from mast cells (or any other cells) reactions to invaders or toxins that the immune system didn’t clean up.
I found out that though the low histamine helped with a lot of my symptoms I was still having migraines and reacting to just about everything I ate. Going on a low histamine diet didn’t help my migraines or the hives, but it was worth a shot. The Strictly Low Histamine Diet’ explains how to beat histamine intolerance, eating only low histamine foods. Fortunately there are healthy, delicious alternatives for people with histamine intolerance, and this book discusses them, as well as providing over 150 recipes.
A range of circumstances including our genes, our environment, our diet and stress, cause our bodies’ histamine levels to rise. Histamines occur naturally within many, many foods as well as being produced by the body itself.

NSAIDS, opiates and the antinausea drug I’ve been prescribed for migraines all cause histamine release. I still do, mostly, though a lower protein version, but to keep variety in my diet, I do consume the odd food that isn’t on a standard Paleo diet. Treating my Methylation imbalances due to genetic factors so that I could start processing histamine as I should, and then balancing my immune system and stabilizing the Mast Cells that were the real reason for my migraines. If you find foods that you enjoy rather than endure sticking to the diet will be a whole lot easier.
If methylation is my problem and I can get that under control, I should be able to increase the amount of higher histamine foods I can eat. However you eat, be prepared to nudge the edges a bit to get the food variety you need on low histamine. After time the Mast Cells will quit becoming overactive now that I can process histamine normally, so I have hope and faith I will quit reacting all together!!

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