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Bear is not the only pet who has succeeded in his weight loss journey with Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. Lennie, a neutered male domestic short hair cat after about 180 days on Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. If your pet is struggling with weight loss, talk to your vet about Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss Solution. To combat this staggering statistic, Hill's Prescription Diet has created a formula for cats that proves that weight problems can be controlled, safely and efficiently.
I've seen firsthand just how frustrating it can be trying to help a pet lose weight in order to live a healthier lifestyle.
When a dog or cat eats Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, their metabolism changes to act like that of a lean dog or cat's metabolism.

Even if they only need to shed a few pounds, this food could change their life for the better. Struggling with your dog or cat's weight loss is not only frustrating at times, but heartbreaking to watch as well. This food provides clinically proven nutrition that naturally activates metabolism to burn calories and regulate appetite. Impact your dog or cat's life in a positive way by helping them lose weight with a simple solution. It ensures safe and healthy weight loss and maintenance without depriving your cat of any nutrition. It really is an eye opener and makes me so happy to see this dog weight loss success story.

Even after a pet loses weight with this food, the highly efficient energy metabolism profile is still maintained.
Hill's Prescription Diet Feline Metabolic Weight Management Dry Food can get your cat moving and meowing on the right track!

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