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High protein, low carb diet isВ  beneficial as this can increase the feeling of being full, while reducing the caloric intake each meal.
If you are looking for some food that contains high levels of protein yet virtually no carbohydrates, you should choose fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
Because of the low carbohydrate nature of the diet, it can also reduce the level of cholesterol in the body with constant use of the diet. On the downside, some kinds of food may bring about high levels of trans fat- something that can contribute to heart disease.

You can get В 100 grams of protein if you get to get one serving of almonds, or approximately 23 nuts.
But if you get to choose only the egg whites, this is loaded with proteins, all 6 grams of it. However, you need to choose the low-fat brand as some kinds of cheese can have high fat content.
Generally, there are some types of ingredients that can be used in in your high protein, low carb diet.

These can be incorporated in either your high protein, low carb recipes for dinner or high protein,low carb recipes with chicken.

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