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High protein cat food for weight loss,the cure prayers for rain,water diet for a week - Review

There is no evidence that a normal, healthy cat or dog would be healthier on a higher-protein or grain-free diet.
Keep in mind, each company may have its own definition of what constitutes “high-protein.” Also, high-protein is not necessarily grain-free and vice versa.
Nor are all proteins created equal: Each protein source, such as egg or soybean, may contain different essential nutrients.
Although fat cats may look cute, experts warn that feline obesity is nothing to laugh about. If your kitty is significantly overweight, it might be a good idea to search for a wet canned food designed for weight loss. Cats need to stay on their usual feeding schedule, as skipping only one meal can put them at risk for fatty liver disease, which is build-up of fat in the liver. Knowing what to look for on the labels of cat food is important in selecting a high quality food for Kitty. They found that the cats who ate the high protein diet burned more calories (adjusted for body weight or lean body mass) than did the cats who ate the moderate protein diet. Results from this study suggest that in addition to sparing the loss of lean mass, feeding HP diets to overweight cats in restricted amounts may be beneficial for preventing or minimizing decreases of mass-adjusted energy expenditure during weight loss.

Influence of dietary protein level on body composition and energy expenditure in calorically restricted overweight cats.
Influence of a high-protein diet on energy balance in obese cats allowed ad libitum access to food. There is also no evidence that eating a higher-protein or grain-free diet would harm a healthy pet. In some instances, cats or dogs may do better on higher-protein diets, such as during weight loss and during growth; puppies and kittens need more protein than adults. In addition, the processing methods and fiber content will determine digestibility more than the protein source itself. Cats are natural carnivores and in the wild, they derive most of their calories from raw protein. This can happen when a cat stops eating and their liver takes fat from other areas of the body, attempting to convert the fat into nutrients. The first few ingredients should contain a type of meat not processed from animal parts that are not suitable for human consumption.
Canned diets are usually lower in carbohydrates and are always higher in water content than their kibble counter parts.

We all know that if fat cats are to enjoy good health and a long life, we need to help them lose weight.
While cats can lose weight on almost any diet as long as we restrict their intake sufficiently, high protein diets help them maintain the muscle mass needed to keep them burning those calories.
If your cat loves their dry food and turns their nose up when presented with a wet food designed for weight loss, working closely with your veterinarian to acclimate Kitty to her new diet is necessary.
This type of meat doesn't contain the high-quality nutrients that your cat needs in order to lose weight and be healthy. Adding canned into your pets’ feeding plan or feeding just canned food will also help your pet reach their weight loss goals.
Setting out a bowl of food at all times is not recommended even if the food is specifically designed for weight loss.

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