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If a diverticulum becomes infected and the area around the diverticulum is swollen, it is called diverticulitis. Diverticular disease is most common in industrialized countries where diets are lower in fiber and higher in processed carbohydrates. There are two types of dietary fiber needed to keep stool soft and to prevent constipation.
When the inflammation of the diverticulum erodes into a blood vessel at the base of the diverticulum (sac) this can lead to diverticular bleeding which can cause red, dark, or maroon-colored blood and clots to be passed when the patient has a bowel movement. Rectal bleeding (even if it stops on its own) – this may be a sign of diverticulosis, diverticulitis, or other serious conditions.
While many patients with diverticular disease have few to no symptoms, a high fiber diet and fiber supplements are recommended to prevent constipation and the formation of additional diverticula. In the past doctors advised patients to avoid corn, nuts, and seeds they thought might become lodged in one of the diverticula and cause complications, however, there is no evidence these foods cause any particular problems.
If you are experiencing an acute attack of diverticulitis you may be advised to consume a liquid diet and low fiber foods.
If the inflammation becomes severe enough, the diverticulum can rupture, spreading bacteria from the colon to the surrounding tissues, causing an infection called peritonitis, or forming a pocket of infection called an abscess. Constipation can cause repeated straining during bowel movements, and can increase the pressure in the colon, which can lead to the formation of diverticula. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a soft gel-like substance in the digestive tract.
About 20% of patients will experience some symptoms related to difficulty passing stool caused by the left colon being narrowed. Diets low in fiber cause hard stool and slower "transit time" (the time it takes for stool to pass) through the colon, increasing pressure.

Insoluble fiber passes through the digestive tract nearly unchanged and can have a laxative effect, helping stool to pass. During an acute flare-up of diverticulitis a CT scan may be used to diagnose the extent of the infection.
However, diets high in fiber are recommended to increase stool bulk and prevent constipation, which reduces pressure in the colon and may help prevent more diverticula from forming, or worsening of the condition. Symptoms of Diverticulosis and DiverticulitisPeople with diverticulosis usually don't have outward symptoms. Good sources of fiber include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes such as beans or lentils.
Surgery is also necessary in cases where the diverticula erode into the adjacent bladder (colovesical fistula), causing severe recurrent urine infections and passage of gas during urination. Doctors think diverticula form when high-pressure areas inside the colon push against weak spots in the colon wall. DiverticulitisHaving diverticulosis is very common and most people never know they have it. Diverticulitis typically develops when the pouches that are blocked with waste become inflamed, leading to tears in the bowel wall and infection. Adding more fiber to the diet can help prevent constipation and may decrease the risk for painful diverticula in the colon. Your High-Fiber ChoicesLuckily, you don't have to look hard to find an abundance of high-fiber foods.
Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes (dried beans, peas, and lentils). Diagnosing Diverticular DiseaseSince diverticulosis doesn't always cause symptoms, it is sometimes only diagnosed when the patient is being seen for another reason.

When diverticulitis leads to a painful abscess, an ultrasound and CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis can show collections of pus. A high-fiber diet and fiber supplements are recommended to prevent constipation and the formation of more diverticula.
When Diverticulitis Causes Mild PainPatients with mild belly pain may get help from anti-spasmodic drugs such as atropine, chlordiazepoxide (Librax), dicyclomine (Bentyl), diphenoxylate and atropine (Lomotil), hyoscyamine (Levsin), phenobarbital, and scopolamine. Treating DiverticulitisWhen diverticulitis symptoms -- abdominal pain, cramps, and fever -- are mild, antibiotics taken by mouth are usually enough.
When pain is worse, a clear liquid diet to allow the colon and bowel to recover may also be prescribed. When pain is increasingly severe, or when there is high fever or the inability to drink liquids, a hospital stay may be necessary, along with intravenous antibiotics and not eating or drinking for a few days. Complications of DiverticulitisWhen inflammation of the diverticula leads to a tear in the intestinal wall, as pictured here, pus can leak into the abdominal area, causing peritonitis (a painful infection of the abdominal cavity), abscesses, intestinal obstruction, and an opening (called a fistula) between the bowel and the urinary tract.
Surgery may also be necessary for any diverticula that erode into the bladder, causing severe, recurrent urine infections and passage of gas during urination, and to treat intestinal obstruction.
But diets high in fiber increase stool bulk and prevent constipation, which may help symptoms.

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