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Whether you're looking to balance out meals or shed a few kilos, try snacking on some of these low-carb snacks throughout the day.
Because the Cardinals did not make Lusky available to the press, one can only put the pieces together from the many conversations Rob had with the players that he advocated a low carb, high protein diet. The website also warns about problems that could arise with this type of diet including kidney problem, high cholesterol and others, so as with any diet or lifestyle change check with your doctor. We have heard that sweet potatoes are more nutritious than potatoes and maybe that’s true, but if you are going for the low carb diet you may want to just eliminate ay types of potatoes from your diet for the time being.

We found an easy to follow, easy to understand "How to Get Started on a Low Carb Diet" that lists specific foods and talks about the diet in more specifics.
It has now a little over 3 months since I really started to cut out carbs and introduce more fat into my diet. I think the most important part for me was I didn’t start cutting all carbs immediately but began one meal at a time. As I got more familiar with foods that are low in carbs and high in fat I started to incorporate more of those foods in my daily diet.

Good fats can help rid the body of the bad ones but keeping track of what is good or bad fat is a work in progress for me at the moment.

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