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Hidradenitis suppurativa is an infection of the skin on the areas of the body where apocrine sweat glands exist. Treatment in these severe cases or in recurrent cases is surgical removal of the affected areas to remove as much of the glands as possible as well as the scar tissue. This patient had hidradenitis suppurativa with draining open wounds treated by removal of all armpit skin.

The main goal is to remove the offending glands and maintain mobility leaving as little scar behind as possible. The same process is applied to pilonidal abscesses and cysts which are infectious processes of the skin near the tailbone from a different cause than hidradenitis. The pilonidal abscess or cyst is surgically removed and the resulting wound is closed with a flap of tissue.

If left untreated severe cases can result in the infectious process invading underlying muscles necessitating their partial or complete removal.

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