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My name is Tanya Brewer; I originally came to you for acne problems then I started getting laser treatments for my chin hairs. If you find yourself bothered with unwanted hair, laser assisted hair removal is a technology that provides you with a safe, clinically proven treatment for hair removal.
Lasers used to remove unwanted hair emit a powerful beam of light, which passes safely through the skin and is selectively absorbed by pigment cells in the hair follicles. We were one of the early pioneers in using this technology, and we have offered laser hair removal in our office since 1996.

Whether you want to remove unwanted hair for cosmetic reasons to improve your appearance or to remove hair in areas where you are developing bumps, irritation, skin infection, or discoloration, laser hair removal can provide excellent results. Heat generated during this absorption process shuts down the cells that are responsible for the growth of hair and after a series of treatments leads to long-term hair removal for most body areas. By providing treatments with a combination of several lasers, we are able to work on coarse and finer hair so long as the hair contains pigment and has not turned gray or white. Only hairs in the active growth cycle respond to laser treatment, so several sessions are needed to achieve optimal results.

But now since I have been getting the laser hair removal treatments I can honestly say that I don’t shave anymore and my husband is so excited.

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