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If you want to make the strawberry spinach salad a meal, add 6 to 8 ounces of grilled or broiled, sliced or cubed chicken breast to the salad before tossing with the dressing. Rachael MonacoBuffalo Cooking ExaminerRachael Monaco is a freelance writer who has published hundreds of tried and true recipes over the past 20+ years. This spinach salad tossed with spunky ginger dressing was inspired by the iceberg salads served at Japanese steakhouses across the U.S. This warm spinach-and-beet salad is inspired by a dish from Penny Cluse CafГ© in Burlington, Vermont.
The flavors of coriander and tangerine complement the sweet scallops in this easy-to-make dinner salad.

Combine steak, walnuts, blueberries and feta cheese in this simple salad and you have yourself a healthy and satisfying supper. This healthy spinach salad recipe uses one avocado two ways: half goes into a healthy creamy ranch dressing and the other half of the avocado gets chopped to top the spinach salad.
This recipe for strawberry and spinach salad is not only low in fat and calories, but low in sodium and is carbohydrate controlled.
Rachael also writes on a variety of other topics including healthy living, plant-based nutrition, weight loss, country music, celebrity news and gossip and reality television. But since most of the calories in an egg are in the yolk, this recipe uses just two whole eggs, plus the whites from six additional eggs, for a satisfying spinach salad that keeps the calories in check.

Lightly tossing spinach in homemade dressings, such with our Raspberry Vinaigrette or Warm Maple Dressing, or topping spinach with healthy proteins, such as scallops or chicken, can dress up a simple spinach salad. Pair this strawberry spinach salad with a delicious homemade tomato soup for a heart-healthy lunch. Try one of our healthy spinach salad recipes for a light dinner or make one to pack for a healthy lunch on the go.

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