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A Spinach Smoothie is always my go-to green drink when introducing someone to adding greens in their drink. Spinach is packed with vitamin C, the glycoglycerolipids helps to protect the digestive lining in the GI tract, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits, Vitamin K for healthy bones… You all know spinach is good for you. Spinach is definitely one of the mildest greens to blend in a smoothie, and it won’t result in a drastic flavor change. This spinach smoothie from trainer Harley Pasternak is a favorite of his celebrity clients (Julianne Hough is a fan!) for helping them stay on the right track, especially after an indulgent period.

Spinach is the star in this creamy smoothie, and for good reason — with just one 16-ounce serving, you'll be getting your entire Recommended Dietary Allowance of vitamin A (great for healthy skin, hair, and eyes) and bone-building vitamin K, as well as an impressive amount of essential nutrients like manganese, potassium, and vitamin C. Probably my favorite smoothie to make but I have to say, there's just no way to fit 16oz of spinach into this, its probably more accurate to say there's about 3oz in it. Usually you cannot even taste the spinach in the smoothie (depending how much spinach a smoothie recipe calls for). This 300-calorie smoothie is a good source of protein, making this veggie-packed smoothie a smart breakfast choice, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

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