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Country music artist Cooper Boone shares his healthy alternative to traditional chocolate cake.
This rich tasty recipe from the Florida Department of Citrus is super-easy to make and actually good for you! Mary specializes in writing about parenting, children, pregnancy, college, health, entertainment and fashion.
When I tell folks that I’m vegan, they often marvel that I had the willpower to give up chocolate.

Here are 5 recipes for delicious sweet treats that don’t call for animal ingredients! Fold the wet ingredients into dry ingredients and gently fold in the mashed sweet potato to create the batter. Followed directions almost to a T (I used white sugar instead of turbinado), and I kept it in the oven for 5 minutes longer than advised because I've noticed that vegan baked goods need a little longer to avoid being under cooked in the middle.
Corn bread is a favorite for most holiday feasts and since sweet potato is one of the most kid-friendly veggies around, a sweet potato corn bread sounds like a sure crowd-pleaser.

No eggs are used in this recipe — and all-purpose flour is substituted for whole wheat flour, while vegetable oil is replaced with olive oil. Mashing--as opposed to pureeing--the sweet potato seems to be important because it creates little moist bits in the finished product.

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