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Made with only four ingredients, this smoothie tastes more like a luscious vanilla milkshake — seriously!
Good things come in small packages, such as hemp seeds: Just 2 tablespoons of these tiny guys packs all nine essential amino acids, fiber, healthy fats, and almost 7 grams of protein.
Protein Smoothie Recipes: Our protein smoothie recipes all have extra added protein usually in the form of powder. Breakfast in a glass, this smoothie will satisfy your morning carbohydrate cravings and provide satisfying fiber to get you through a busy morning. This creamy non-dairy breakfast smoothie provides a healthy dose of vegetarian protein that will keep you full until your busy schedule allows you to take a lunch break. A vegan diet is a healthy way to eat and live, especially if careful attention is paid to getting “complete proteins” from foods. It is always a good idea to combine a sweet treat with a protein source to satisfy your cravings and keep your blood sugar from spiking. Silken tofu makes a great base for smoothie recipes due to its ability to soften and absorb the flavor of fruits and other ingredients. And while ice and frozen fruit add richness for few (or no) calories, you really need protein, which can present a challenge for vegans who avoid soy. Packed full of potassium, calcium, healthy fats, and antioxidants, this smoothie is an awesome way to wake up.

This smoothie recipe is free of all of these common allergens and is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians. The human body will only use protein from food to build muscle if it contains all of the essential amino acids. This is a simple smoothie recipe that makes a great dessert while providing the amazing benefits of soy protein.
Most people would probably think to reach for silken tofu for a supersmooth consistency, but if blended enough, soft tofu is equally smooth and offers more protein. For quick preparation, the next time you make oatmeal save ВЅ cup in the refrigerator to throw in your smoothie when rushing off to greet your day.
Of all of the non-dairy milks available, Rice Dream has a much smoother flavor and goes well with fruit in smoothies. Egg protein is the most perfect protein available, and now comes in various flavors just like whey protein. Soy is one of the few plant sources of “complete protein,” meaning that it contains all the essential amino acids needed to repair and build muscle and tissues.
If you are in the mood for something not-so-cold, try this smoothie with warm oatmeal and a fresh rather than frozen banana. Not your average protein source, pea protein is a healthy alternative to soy or whey protein powder with a mild flavor and reports of easy digestibility due to the removal of the fibers that cause flatulence.

Plant foods contain different ratios of amino acids, but it is easy to get them all if your diet contains a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
So break out of the blood sugar roller coaster cycle with a sweet yet high protein smoothie recipe.
Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies are free to be enjoyed in a gluten free diet, so bon appГ©tit! The whipped cream also added sweetness, while the walnuts added texture, along with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
Pea protein is a nutritious protein powder with a nice mild flavor that also compliments the fruit in the smoothies. At only 219 calories, this smoothie recipe provides a whopping 14 grams of protein per serving.

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