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Healthy side dishes for pork

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When I compiled my candy recipes into the Healthy Chocolates & Candy page, many of you lamented the absence of a healthier copycat Twix bar. I totally agree with you- It would be a dream to guest post a recipe on Chocolate-Covered Katie. I don’t follow a vegan diet, but find myself experimenting with all kinds of vegan recipes, just because they’re delicious. Instead of the classic apple desserts this Thanksgiving, try another seasonal treat in this simple and rustic tart.
I put it onВ the to-do list, but the list keeps growing longer and longer… Luckily, my incredibly-talented friend Leanne agreed to take on this healthy-Twix-bar challenge, for the benefit of all of us!

You could make the cookie base with anything you have on hand, or any cookie recipe you’re comfortable with. Makes sense that someone would come up with a flan recipe involving tofu, since the textures are so compatible. Katie is one of my favorite bloggers so to be here sharing a recipe with you is a bit too exciting for words! My suggestion would be to find any ‘ol shortbread recipe or if you have cookies in the house, use those. I’m always interested in new gluten-free recipes, and I like what I see so far from her site. We're not talking about chunks of raw tofu - w'ere talking about tofu as one ingredient that adds a creamy texture (and barely any flavor) to a variety of creative dessert recipes.

The thing with gluten-free recipes is that they don’t always translate so well into gluten-filled recipes. The key to making tofu desserts is mixing in other flavors that rule the show (think: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coffee, cinnamon). And we don't want to hear a word of objection until you've tried one of these scrumptious recipes!

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