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When mixture gets to smooth glaze, remove from heat and spoon equal amounts over each tilapia filet and bake in pre-heated oven for approximately 20 minutes or until tilapia is firm. I used this method for cooking tilapia and it turned out perfect the vegetables were delicious as well. Whether you're interested in bringing back a traditional, Sunday sit-down dinner with your loved ones or just looking for new meal options, the Sunday Dinner main dish recipe can help you bring it all together. While we love our turkey and roast recipes, you might want to try to mix things up a bit before the traditional dinners start. Sunday dinner can be the perfect time to toss around some pumpkin carving and decorating ideas that are a little different from the standard jack-o-lantern with a toothless smile version.

Use your Sunday dinner time to plan out your family's next great adventure, like planning and implementing new ideas for great Halloween decorations!
Try this fresh fish recipe for a healthy, tasty and fast alternative to your regular routine.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper then divide the remainder of the ingredients over the top of the fish.
We develop recipes, bake, photograph and willingly consume all of the delicious delicacies that pass through our kitchen. You can put all of your own favorite vegetables and your favorite fish right into a foil pouch and grill it, all in less than 15 minutes!

Make sure you don’t over cook the fish you can always put it back on the grill if it is undercooked.
Sometimes kids think they don't like fish -- aside from fish sticks that is -- but tilapia is a mild fish that is versatile and holds its seasonings very well.

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