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While breakfasts like omlettes and oatmeal sound great, many of us don’t have the time to cook breakfast in the morning. While Lucky the Leprechaun and the dog on the Cookie Crisp cereal boxes bring back fond memories of childhood breakfast commercials during Sunday morning cartoons, their sugar content put them in the same category as eating cookies for breakfast. Finding a healthy breakfast cereal can definitely be tricky, especially with all the misleading health claims you find on packages these days. While a serving of a refined grain cereal and a serving of a whole grain cereal may have the same amount of calories, the serving of whole grain cereal will most likely keep you full for longer.
The number of calories, grams of sugar, and amount of vitamins and minerals you consume depends on how much of the cereal you eat. This is a reverse of the way that most people take their meals with almost no breakfast, a light lunch, and a large meal in the evening.

Luckily, breakfast cereal can be a healthy way to get your day started especially since many are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Look for cereals with 9 grams or less of sugar that ALSO contain at least 3 grams of fiber and are mostly whole grain. Instead of looking for weight loss promises on the front, look at the nutrition facts and ingredient label on the side.
It has more sugar than I would prefer, at 8 grams per serving, but I just add a little fat and protein to my breakfast, usually eggs, to lessen the glycemic impact.
If weight loss is your goal, keep your focus on finding breakfast cereals that will keep you full for longer; also be sure to check serving sizes. With all the options out there and some cereals claiming to be healthier than others it can get confusing knowing which are the better choices.

When looking at the ingredient list, look for whole grains or oats as the first ingredient.
The opposite can be true as well; some cereals contain slightly more than 9g of sugar, but are packed with fiber and whole grains, making them healthy options.

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