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When in a rush or feeling snacky, you want to grab a nutritious snack that won't break the caloric bank. That's a lot of overprocessed stuff there, that Kashi and Barbara's bars are packed with stuff you don't want!
I’m not a really big eater so instead of three big meals daily I eat six small meals or sometimes just a healthy snack.
And now I must run to another Taste of Ocala committee meeting, but before I head out, let’s talk healthy snacks! Since my blog doesn’t document everything that I eat, my snacks almost always go unpictured. I try to eat snacks that have protein, fat and carbs and often try to include fresh fruit and veggies if possible.
You may also visit the Snacks page under the Recipes drop down menu for some more fun ideas! I just had an apple with almond butter and some baby carrots as a snack before my afternoon meeting!
It’s important for me to keep healthy snacks around so I don’t overdo it on the licorice or marshmallows! For bring to school snacks I like pistachios, fruit and nut butter, or half portions of overnight oats in my baby mason jar!
About a month ago I was in search of some new snacks ’cause I was beyond bored with my current snack rotation.
Snacking throughout the day on healthy, nutritious foods can also help a lot with keeping blood sugar levels where they should be, which can help prevent meltdowns and tantrums.

Kale chips are a great snack to replace other processed, salty snacks.В  They are absolutely delicious, and I actually prefer them over potato chips.В  What a great way to get some greens into your toddler! These are so easy to make and are so good, too!В  A quick google search will show you tons of different recipes and flavorings to choose from.В  Here is a simple classic recipe for Crispy Roasted Chickpeas. Sweet Potato Chips offer a lot more nutrition than regular old potato chips.В  Make them at home with a healthy fat, and you have a delicious, nutritious snack sure to please any toddler! Sweetened only with dried fruit, homemade larabars are an excellent choice for a healthy snack.В  Although these are not the most frugal snack to make, they are very nutrient dense and are great to keep in the snack rotation. If you’re looking for more healthy snack ideas there are two ebooks that I highly recommend.
I made kale chips last night for the first time and couldn’t believe how good they were.
Some posts include links to sponsors or affiliates, which give me a small percentage of the sale. You might have good-for-you options scattered about your kitchen, tucked away in different cabinets and drawers, but a central location of healthy snacks will make the whole process much easier — especially if you're feeling a dip in your blood sugar.
Prepare appropriate serving sizes in baggies or containers, place them in a plastic bin, and the next time you need a morning or afternoon snack, just grab one.
Clearly my work had me all wrapped up and in the zone because it was only my stomach’s grumbling that made me glance at the clock and realize it was noon. Next time I make my salmon salad, I’ll may more attention to the exact ingredients because I have a feeling my fellow salmon lovers out there would really enjoy it! I’ll eat the same thing for my morning snack for a month and then I’ll get sick of it and switch to something else for a month until I get sick of that snack.

Since I am always on the lookout for healthy snack ideas, I figured you guys might enjoy a glimpse into some of my snack-time favorites! We hadn’t eaten them since either of us were kids, and both felt an irrational dislike of them without even knowing if we liked them. I came across the list that I had pinned and decided to go with the cottage cheese, apple, and cinnamon. You are not obligated to use these links when you make a purchase, but when you do so it helps to support this site, so thank you! Having portable snacks at your fingertips means that if you need to run out the door, you have a handy snack to take. Some of my favorites are muffin, homemade snack bar, or healthy cookie since they are easy to bake and change up for variety. I brought some into work today and my co-workers, who originally cringed at the sight of them, all wanted the recipe. I’ve subbed the apples a few times with sliced peaches or mixed berries, depending on what I have on hand. Snacking keeps your metabolism up throughout the day, helping you burn calories and keeps your energy level up.

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