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It is that simple, if I cover those three bases then I am a very happy camper and I know I have done my duty for the day. These snack ideas are amazingly creative not to mention that they cover all of the questions above! Follow along as I post daily lunchbox photos in my Preschool Lunch Series and on my Lunch Ideas Pinterest board. Get 35 DIY Beauty recipes that you can use everyday and learn all about how to use and care for your essential oils!
Healthy probiotic foods are critical not only for digestive health but also at keeping our immune systems healthy and strong.
Although I am working on it, my daughter still doesn’t drink bone broth straight so I have to come up with creative ideas including cooking beans and rice in broth. We do avoid wheat unless it is sourdough and even that seldom makes it into my daughter’s lunchbox.
Ground beef tacos – this is one of my favorites because it includes everything I want for her to eat in one pretty package. Not so awful offal – my daughter would eat this recipe for potatoes with bacon and liver easily!

These peanut butter bites (if your child’s school doesn’t allow peanuts you can substitute sun-butter or almond or cashew butter) look amazing and only require three ingredients!
I am not sure what life would be like without corn tortilla chips and for a while there I thought we would have to live without because I couldn’t find any made with coconut oil. No kid will turn down popcorn and when it is popped in coconut oil and coated with sea salt and butter, this is one nourishing snack. If you do eat grains and maintain a sourdough starter then you will love this recipe for Sourdough Pretzel Bites with Probiotic Honey Mustard! I’m pregnant so have a ways to go before my child is eating, but these are great ideas for me as well!
Unfortunately when products are made to be low-fat they aren’t based on what nature has provided for us. This involves leftover banana pancakes and either bacon or sausage served with maple cinnamon butter or ketchup for dipping. I find the time for homemade cooking and green living because eating this way has truly changed my family’s life. The fact is, when you remove fat you remove the flavor and it then has to be replaced with artificial, chemical based ingredients that are toxic for everyone.

I think most of you already agree that eating processed foods are bad for you and your family or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.
It is times like this that help me reaffirm my goals to keep my family as healthy as possible by giving them traditionally prepared, nutrient dense foods! Think of these ideas as ways to enhance your current school lunch and snacks to make it more nutrient-dense and to help you change your mindset on what is healthy. I am passionate about achieving vibrant health and am happy to share tips, techniques and recipes in my eBook, The Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms which is an excellent resource for any busy mom (or dad) who wants to cook real food for their family but is not sure how to take the plunge. The good news is that I personally do not experiment much with lunches and often repeat the same lunch multiple times a week based on what my daughter likes best. Fats are vitally important to growing kid’s brains and for sustained energy throughout the day.

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