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The initiative is all about giving students across NSW a taste for healthy foods and encouraging them to make healthier food choices. It heralds a move beyond providing nutrition guidelines for school canteens to a government-endorsed approach to the type of food and drinks that can and can’t be sold in NSW Government school canteens. An initiative of NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Heart Foundation.
Consuming snacks can represent up to 15 per cent of children nutrient requirements and it will helps keep the energy between meals.

We can take information according to the OCU, that analyzed about over 30 industrial of snacks for children, so they found for this type of products contain too many simple sugars, and some of the analyzed products are contain low in complex carbohydrates. Still with Healthy Snack Ideas subject , other information about fats, the OCU says that despite being generally products that do not contain very high levels, some analyzed products are rich in saturated fat for themselves to try cheeses or Pate while others add not suitable from the point of view of heart-healthy fats. We must take advantage of the latter to introduce your child healthy and appetizing food or snack for them , avoiding to the extent possible the industrial bakery.
Take out the ice cream from the bowl or tray by placing it under the hot running water for 10 seconds.

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