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Man can't live on burgers, chicken, and hotdogs alone, even on the biggest cookout days of the year. Swapping fatty mayo for olive oil and cider vinegar lightens up this summer picnic favorite.Get the recipe.
Kale is like kryptonite to acne: A half cup fulfills your daily needs for vitamin A, a nutrient that attacks blemishes by reducing inflammation and strengthening skin's defenses against pimple-causing bacteria.
The "resistant starch carbs" in quinoa energize you and help you to eat less, making this a healthy alternative to rice. By Marissa ConradPair your lonely-looking burger with one of our light and tasty barbecue-inspired sides. For this tart a few tablespoons of maple syrup sweeten the blueberry topping and round out the flavor of the cream filling.

We love farro, a high-fiber whole grain, because it cooks in about 15 minutes and has an amazing toothsome texture perfect for grain salads. Summer brings lots of invitations to potluck cookouts, so you’ll need an arsenal of side dishes and desserts to share.
So include some yummy fruit and vegetables with your grillside meals—for healthy side dishes that add terrific taste as well as extra nutrition.And the more variety in your healthy side dishes, the better. In this healthy farro salad recipe we combine it with smoky bacon, sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh basil for an easy side dish or light lunch.
Whether your al fresco meal is around a grill, on a sandy beach or under a shady tree, our favorite summer potluck sides and desserts will round out your meal. Researchers have tried for years to pinpoint the most nutritious fruits and vegetables, but the fact is no single type covers every nutrient we need.

So say “yes” to all those invitations, whip up some of these fresh, healthy recipes and enjoy the best of the outdoors!
For example, perennial crowd favorite watermelon contains high levels of the phytochemical lycopene, but the spuds in some tasty potato salad provide far more of the mineral potassium.
For example, the Grilled Mixed Vegetables include red bell peppers, which (along with the yellow version) contain more than twice the amount of vitamin C as the standard green variety.What’s more, topping vegetable sides with olive oil-based dressings can make the vegetables even healthier for you. Or mix watermelon, berries, and any other fruit of your choosing for a divinely sweet Summer Salad with Maple Syrup.

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