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For cool slushies, simply blend peeled and chopped fruit like watermelon or mango with ice to make the most refreshing and colourful party drink. Terrific for a summer birthday party, the Strawberry smoothie pops can be made in advance using fresh hulled strawberries and yoghurt. Make the delicious Berry yoghurt sundae treats with fresh berries and yoghurt in small plastic disposable cups – they’re particularly appealing to little princesses! Finger sandwiches are the perfect party food for kids of all ages; simple to make and easy for kids to eat.
Far healthier than sausage rolls or party pies, make little Corn, carrot and chicken rissoles.
Freshly-baked pizzas with vegetables or pineapple in the topping is always a popular party foods for boys and girls of all ages. Colourful squares of Sweet potato tortilla are also a good choice for parties as they are easy to pick up and eat.

Boys in particular enjoy a barbecued or grilled chipolata sausage on a small wholemeal roll. Transform cupcakes by topping with reduced fat cream cheese icing and use colourful fresh fruits for decoration. Save the Children week this year coincides with the royal wedding - and children's chef Annabel Karmel has provided three mouth-watering and fun recipes to help celebrations for both go with a bang. These great ideas will help you to make kids’ party food healthier and extra special with minimum fuss.
Chocolate melts are available in supermarkets and can be easily melted in the microwave ready for drizzling. Arrange a colourful selection of fruit on a large platter for a kids’ party at any age.
If you prefer to use a packet cupcake mixture, add a few handfuls of fresh blueberries to a basic vanilla cupcake recipe.

Cut out a large, round hole from the top of the melon, then cut around the marked out spiral tail.  Use the cut off top to make a 5 cm (2 in) diameter circle for the pig’s snout and two triangles for the ears, which you will use to decorate the pig. Roll up and cut into thick slices, secure with a halved cherry tomato and a cocktail fork and serve.
Use fresh pineapple, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced button mushrooms with diced lean bacon and reduced fat cheese like grated mozzarella for the topping. Add the tailDecorate the tuna topping with halved cherry tomatoes and the egg topping with strips of chives arranged in a criss cross pattern.  WATERMELON PIGThis is a fun way to serve fruit for a party and it’s always greeted with squeals of delight.

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