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You might also like: {{displayTitle}} Read More Much as we love them on top of spaghetti (all covered with cheese), we tend to make meatballs the same way, every time. Lemongrass and mint take these meatballs on a culinary jaunt through Southeast Asia—plus, the herbs are known to have antibacterial properties for gastrointestinal health Comparison of the antibacterial activity of essential oils and extracts of medicinal and culinary herbs to investigate potential new treatments for irritable bowel syndrome.
This recipe had us at “stuffed.” Better yet, the filling it’s referring to isn’t of the predictable cheesy variety—it’s heart-healthy avocado!
With no pasta or other grain to hog the spotlight, meatballs go from supporting role to star in this dish.
With high-fiber coconut flour standing in for the breadcrumbs and coconut aminos replacing the soy sauce, these beef meatballs fit nicely into a Paleo plan—but try them out even if you aren’t adhering to the “caveman diet.” Not only are they easy to make, but the sweet and sour sauce is positively addicting. The ingredient list for these no-egg meatballs is not only reassuringly short, it’s also nutritionally efficient. Famous for its ability to add much-needed moisture to lower-fat baked goods, zucchini works its magic to keep these turkey-based meatballs from drying out too. Ground turkey can seem so boring, but not these meatballs, seasoned generously with Thai curry paste, basil, and ginger. With plenty of butter, egg yolks, and uninhibited pours of heavy cream, traditional Swedish meatball recipes can easily go overboard on the fat. With quinoa joining the popular pork and cabbage combo, this might be what a typical meatball dish would look like if the Incas and the Irish had hung out more.
While lamb stands at the center of these meatballs, it’s really the herbs and spices that accompany the protein that steal the show. Applesauce and pork chops are a classic duo, so throwing chopped apples into the ground pork mixture for meatballs makes total (and delicious!) sense.
Now that we’ve gotten you thinking about using fish for meatballs, give this tuna variety a go too.
Pineapples and tomato paste give this meatball dish a distinctive tang plus a good dose of lycopene from the latter, which contains nearly three times as much of the cancer-fighting carotenoid as fresh tomatoes.

Including chickpeas, parsley, and lemon, these Middle Eastern-inspired meatballs are reminiscent of their cousin the falafel. A nut-free alternative to the traditional vegan “loaf,” these meatballs get their hearty texture and tons of fiber from oats and mushrooms along with the lentils. Tofu’s meatier, more textured, fermented cousin tempeh gets a major seasoning boost from a handful of spices and a hefty five cloves of garlic here.
And that's a shame because one quick Google search, and we discovered endless ways to mix up the flavor, top, and serve these little bites. A cube hides at the center of each meatball like an adorable jade-green treasure; bursting with vitamins E and B6 for blood and skin health, it upgrades each little sphere from standard to superfood status.
This one gives you the best of both worlds, packing an entire cup and a half of shredded squash and carrots into the beef, which helps keep the meat moist. Each of the eight ingredients lends a unique flavor and health benefits, whether it’s the vitamin A from the spinach, the iron from the beef, or antioxidants from the dried oregano Antioxidant capacity and phytochemical content of herbs and spices in dry, fresh and blended herb paste form. These aren’t just a bite-sized spin on the restaurant staple: With a fraction of the sugar and sodium of bottled teriyaki sauce, this recipe gives your blood pressure a break too. This recipe uses orange marmalade but no other added sweetener, so it has all the flavor and isn't as bad for you.
That’s definitely the case with these meatballs, which successfully combine fresh blueberries, ground chicken, and basil (scoring major points in the creativity, antioxidant level, and yumminess departments). This recipe, featuring the nutritional king of seafood, salmon, proves it can be done and done well. Used as a gluten-free replacement for breadcrumbs, the ancient Peruvian seed adds a nutty bite, fiber, and tissue-repairing amino acids to the meal. This Paleo-friendly recipe makes a big batch, so stick whatever you don’t use in the freezer for a convenient meal when you’re pressed for time in the future. Crumbled feta cheese does double duty here, keeping the meatballs soft on the inside along with pumping up their protein count (and tasting incredible, obviously).

Using the brown variety of these powerhouse legumes also makes this recipe super budget-friendly. The meatballs, already straightforward with less than 10 ingredients, make life even easier with the genius idea of baking them in muffin tins for size consistency, which means everything cooks evenly. But when you combine the veggie with cashews, sunflower seeds, whole-wheat breadcrumbs, and Asian flavorings, you get crazy delicious vegan meatballs. These meatballs make the most of the aubergine’s anti-aging, cancer-fighting benefits while satisfying a comfort food craving and sneaking in an additional serving of produce to your meal. This recipe proves the seed's versatility yet again using them as the base for lightly cheesy, garlicky meatballs.
Brimming with walnuts, oats, and kidney beans, these fiber-rich meatballs are super filling, so an accompaniment lighter than pasta, like spaghetti squash, makes for a perfect pairing.
Served with a basil-infused dipping sauce, the only thing rock-solid about these is how reliable the recipe is. The omega-3 oils in the fish keep the meatballs nice and juicy, while the avocado-based sauce they’re served with makes the meal a super way to get in your healthy fat fix for the day.
Lemon zest gives these lamb meatballs a vibrant punch of freshness plus a burst of vitamin C.
It's so simple yet so tasty, plus the recipe serves two, making it perfect for those who don't want a ton of leftovers. Held together by breadcrumbs and white beans, they also prove that it’s possible to have a dairy-, egg-, and soy-free Italian meal.

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