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February 19, 2013 by Anne 45 Comments You know the drill – you arrive home late after work. For warm meals, 1 huge handful fresh baby spinach – pop it in the microwave for 1 minute on high to wilt it.
A good idea for this step is to make a big batch of grains one night so you have it on hand the rest of the week. This will add fiber and protein to keep you full! I recommend canned beans – they are so easy. Another variation of this if you like tuna is to make my Cold Tuna Pasta Salad or Tuna & Veggie Pasta Salad – both are delicious and really simple – they use canned tuna!
I hope you guys find this post helpful the next time you arrive home with no idea what to make for dinner!

I find that having some food items prepped (chopped veggies, cooked quinoa, pre-washed greens) means that most of my unplanned weeknight meals end up like this. I too slightly wilt my spinach in the microwave when I tire of raw greens, which lends a creamy texture to the whole bowl – esp.
I think salads and stir fries are really the EASIEST and tastiest quick meals anyone could make! I use a similar recipe for all my meals during the week, but you’ve given me a few new ideas. Aside from a salad, I never think to use spinach or salad greens as a base and go from there. I am going to be living on my own for the first time next year at school, with access to a kitchen, and these look like some great go to meals for the weekdays!

Usually this means you end up having cereal for dinner, or hitting the drive through on the way home, or just eating a container of ice cream and calling it a night. But I promise if you have just a few things on hand you can throw together a really simple, quick, and nutritious meal with little to no effort.

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