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Despite my every attempt to wreck them, they’re a good pumpkin muffin, worthy of your palate. Bake until puffed and golden brown and wooden pick or skewer inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean, 25 to 30 minutes. Cool in pan on a rack five minutes, then transfer muffins from pan to rack and cool to warm or room temperature. I haven’t yet attempted muffins because the recipes always sound so darn complicated.
You should have been over on Saturday when Creepy Uncle Steve suggested that I roast the Pumpkin Seeds he was gutting from my pumkin. I live in New Zealand and pumpkins are big here, so I’m always getting them in my veggie box and looking for ways to use them up. I made these for Halloween, but I made them cupcake size (got 14 out of them) and did a cream cheese frosting (dyed green for the whole pumpkin effect).
Ad I missed the comment on what to do if you have none of that canned pumpkin, so I just cooked some pumpkin and mashed it with a fork.
I just made these last night – followed the recipe exactly and they came out fantastic! Incidentally, I make my own pumpkin puree for baked goods (can’t seem to get canned pumpkin down here) and find that draining it in cheesecloth for a day in the refrigerator is essential. I just made up the batter for these muffins and if it is any indication, these muffins will be glorious! Been looking all over the place for a pumpkin recipe that didn’t call for ingredients I didn’t have but at the same time had great reviews! I used home-made pumpkin puree that was probably a little watery compared to canned puree, but I went by all the other amounts listed in the recipe, and they turned out fantabulous. Wanted to come back (after months after I’ve made these) – just to say thanks again for sharing this recipe! I was looking for a comforting breakfast-y, bread-y thing to make for myself after being up with a teething baby for two nights in a row, and after considering and rejecting pancakes, waffles, and french toast I decided on muffins. I just wanted to say since the first time I saw these in the fall, they have become a staple recipe :) I found you when I was googling for a recipe of this sort.

I’m in Australia and had a yearning for my Virginia home, for which this recipe fit the bill perfectly! I had a crazy craving for pumpkin this week, so thought I’d check online for a good recipe. I made them with some of the pumpkin puree that I made back in October (Jarrahdale or Ironbark pumpkin). In an attempt to use up more of the gallon(!!!) of pumpkin taking up valuable space in my freezer I also made a batch of the pumpkin butter… Goes really well spread on the muffins. I lacked all of the ingredients for my usual pumpkin muffin recipe, but had all of the ones for this recipe. Ghiradelli chips are perfectly melty and use real and not imitation vanilla and enhance pumpkin very much. There’s a good basic recipe here, which coincidentally adds up to 1 teaspoon, so you could just use those amounts and not pre-mix it. You roast the pumpkin in the oven until it is very soft, scrape it off the skin and whirl it in the food processor. I used 1 tsp cinnamon plus pinches of other baking spices (I don’t have pumpkin spice) and topped them with coarse sugar and cinnamon.
I had two requirements for the recipe: 1) It needed to be quick and uncomplicated, and 2) I needed to have all of the ingredients on-hand.
I double the amount of pumpkin pie spice and add a bit more cinnamon and the result is super yummy and flavourful! I also only used a cup of sugar and had to make the pumpkin spice from cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, but they came out delicious. As I expected, these pumpkin muffins were a cinch, which is good, because I expect that from my muffins.
As for your favorite muffins, you should totally write into Gourmet and see if they can get the recipe for you.
I understand intentionally adjusting things in a recipe, but I did this four times, and not intentionally.
I didn’t have enough muffin tins, so I poured the leftover batter into a square cake pan.

I actually substituted mashed sweet potato for the pumpkin because I had leftovers but I think the result would be pretty similar.
The only thing that would be good is to add a little bit more pumpkin spice to add a little more flavor to make the pumpkin really stand out, thanks for the great recipe!
I love working with pumpkin when I’m trying to adapt recipes, its so friendly and helpful in holding things together! I also had more batter than I needed for twelve standard muffins, but not enough for another full tin, so I took the leftover batter and plopped it into a mini loaf pan.
It’s getting cooler out and this unused can of pumpkin was calling to me from my cupboard. My son even ate them to the last bite, and this is a child who usually won’t eat anything in the form of a muffin or cupcake that doesn’t have icing attached it its top! Pumpkin pie filling; you know, the stuff doctored up with sugar and spices and some crap with a lot of letters. Oh well, I have a whole jar of pumpkin pie spice, now….better get to more of your great pumpkin delights! In my first attempt at the batter, I had already mixed the sugar with the eggs and oil when I realized the pumpkin already had enough sugar.
On future tries, I will double to pumpkin pie spice (the original recipe is not spiced enough for me) and experiment with pecans, chocolate bits, and the cream cheese surprise center–not all at once, though!
But, then it turned out that maybe the pumpkin pie filling didn’t have enough sugar, but at this point (evidence the second) I had run out. The muffins could use some more, both sugar and spice, which was by the way the other thing that I skipped, assuming the pie filling had enough.

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