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We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with so many choices (and conflicting information), it can be difficult to know what to serve our family. As we all know, eating breakfast is more than filling the belly and reducing hunger, it’s about nourishing the body and brain. It has also been shown that a protein-rich breakfast not only keeps you full during the morning hours, it actually helps sustain fullness throughout the entire day. At first glance it seems that preparing a protein-rich breakfast might take a lot of extra time.
Peanut butter on toast – Yes, this does include bread, but it is a good way to increase protein simply. About Stacy KarenStacy, a homeschooling Mom of three, enjoys healthy, natural living and is a make-it-from-scratch maniac. I used to be plagued with sever headaches at work when I ate a breakfast of primarily carbs.
I would also add that plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and a drizzle of honey is one of our favorite breakfasts and another good source of protein.

The coconut banana bliss breakfast smoothie recipe from Clean Eating with Claudia is the perfect way to start your day. In a blender combine the coconut milk, frozen banana, shredded coconut and protein powder until smooth.
Check out Clean Eating with Claudia’s strawberry banana smoothie for a great snack or breakfast smoothie recipes. Research shows that a breakfast high in protein actually stabilizes blood sugar and prevents hunger for a number of hours.
It certainly isn’t as quick as pouring cereal out of a box, but with a little forethought, you can have breakfast on the table without spending all morning in the kitchen. They are a good place to include extras such as cheese, meat and vegetables and many recipes can be pu together the night before and baked in the morning. I usually make a double batch, freeze the extras then put them straight from the freezer to a medium oven on a sheet pan for a quick, healthy breakfast when there isn’t a lot of time. I discovered during my most recent pregnancy that I really wasn’t getting enough protein, so I really work to get it now.

You may also add 2 cubes of ice and blend into your smoothie if you prefer an icier consistency.
She's been blessed with the God-given ability to turn classic recipes into healthy meals your family will love. So easy for a busy mom, I usually manage to get the kids a nutritious breakfast but as a buy mom, I am always racing out the door myself. This unsatisfied feeling often leads to excessive cravings and extra snacking as we look for satiety.

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