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Google cauliflower tortillas - no cheese required and the dough works equally well as a pizza base! Join the Veganlovlie Cocoon!Receive an occasional burst of sunshine and a little flower, recipes, craft projects and FREE resources. The Marinara is the oldest pizza that has been served in pizzerias and also does not have any cheese.
During my London days, sometimes I used to have vegan mozzarella cheese on my pizza, but no vegan cheese is available over here in Mauritius.

Dust a board with flour and roll the dough flat just slightly larger than the size of the pizza tray. I eat pizzas with my fingers even when I go to restaurants, otherwise they just don’t taste the same!
Freshly grated cauliflower serves as the base for the creative and delicious crust that you can fold up just like traditional pizza!
The smell of cheese just makes me sick and I would never recommend that people should eat cheese. The recipe only called for grape tomatoes and fresh basil, but feel free to toss a ton more veggies on this pizza pie to bulk it up a bit.

They might not contain any cholesterol but they are still highly processed blocks of vegetable oil so they are not any better for cardiovascular health.
At less than 300 calories for half the pie, this is a pizza recipe you can enjoy sans guilt.
Besides, not using cheese of any sort saves a few pennies (or cents) for today and also much more in future on a doctor’s bill!

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