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Healthy side dishes for pork

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The two pasta recipes below are quick and easy to prepare and a guaranteed treat to your taste buds. This dish tastes best if garnished with some fresh basil leaves and served with garlic bread. These healthy pasta recipes are packed with whole grains, fiber-rich vegetables and flavorful sauces and are just right for two.
July 4, 2010 By Naomi Robinson 10 Comments Light and Healthy Summer Pasta Salad ~ Summer’s best vegetables take on a twenty minute prep time for a light and easy side dish. This is a healthy recipe that will win over even those who refuse to eat raw vegetables unless they are dunked in ranch dressing. I use to make this pasta salad with a mayonnaise and vinegar dressing that is often used on broccoli salad, but since discovering Briannas Poppy Seed Dressing I use this instead.
You can assemble the summer pasta salad three days in advance and keep it in a tightly sealed container without compromising the crispness of the vegetables, just be sure to use the freshest vegetables.
On World Pasta Day, don’t dismiss spaghetti marinara and penne a la vodka as automatic dangerfoods. Whether you are in the mood for seafood, chicken, or want a meatless meal, these healthy pasta recipes for two are sure to please.
Throw in some grilled chicken and this side dish can quickly be scaled up for a fast and easy dinner.

Instead try one of these 19 ways to make any pasta dish a nutritious, satisfying, delicious-as-ever experience. Bowlfuls of gooey macaroni and ziti noodles layered with cheese and cream generally aren’t promoted as ideal routes to weight management, or good health. And we’re proving it with a list of 19 traditional pasta dishes, revamped to be healthier, but still delicious.
After the dressing has been added the summer pasta salad can keep up to two days in a tightly sealed container.
But pasta, in all its noodly glory, continues to play a key role in the international diet and economy.
Quinoa spaghetti is just like pasta made out of wheat, except it’s protein-packed and gluten-free. In the time it takes to boil a pot of pasta, you can make this veggie-filled tomato sauce, which features onion, anchovies, peppers, capers, and (you guessed it) olives. Fortunately, this recipe puts a healthy spin on things, using lots of veggies (zucchinis and mushrooms, specifically) to make up for the reduced amounts of pasta and cheese.
This dish skips the mountains of mayo in most pasta salads, instead using olive oil as the dressing. The whole recipe uses a minimal amount of butter and olive oil, making it a great option for a flavorful dinner that doesn’t ruin anyone’s commitment to good health.

Such a big role that today marks the 17th annual World Pasta Day, which kicks off the official World Pasta Week. Pretty much all these healthier recipes are easy enough to try at home, whether preparing dinner for one or for a whole hungry family.
For starters, skip the traditional pasta base and slice up some zucchini (using a Mandolin slicer or hand peeler) to make “noodles” you can sauté or eat raw. The resulting dish is a nutritious (not to mention beautiful) spin on a traditional penne dish that typically contains few, if any, vegetables. The peanut butter sauce adds a real punch to the whole meal, which is so easy to prepare and so filling that you might never order this dish from the takeout menu again. Just 20 minutes in the kitchen (and some time for baking) and you’ve got a hearty, healthy dinner for six. This year, politicians and culinary experts will gather in Istanbul to discuss the role of pasta in the Turkish economy and in a healthy, sustainable diet.

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