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As a meal replacer, pre- or post-workout treat, afternoon snack, or protein source, here are our top picks for the best tasting and most nutritious energy bars. Spreading a little peanut butter on apple slices may be a healthier way to snack, but nothing beats an energy or protein bar for convenience. Label scrutiny is essential; many bars are high in calories—those labeled as “energy bars” are better suited for sustenance on a hike rather than a snack at your desk, even if the ingredients are wholesome. Similarly, Ericka Stachura, RD, a registered dietitian in Boston, recommends dieters watch the sugar, protein, and fiber in protein bars.
If you want a protein-packed bar that’s great for athletes, Janc suggests Quest bars for their low sugar and fat levels and focus on whole, natural ingredients. When it comes to overall nutrition, Janc likes Pure Protein bars because of their high protein-to-carbohydrate ratio.
If you’re gluten-free or keep kosher, Think Thin bars will meet your requirements, plus they are sugar-free and have only 23 grams of carbs to 20 grams of protein. If you're looking for a heart-healthy snack, but aren't as concerned about protein, Stachura recommends KIND's Fruit & Nut Delight bars.

New from General Mills, Nature Valley Chewy Protein Bars are high in protein, low in sugar, and you don’t have to go to a fancy health-food store to find them. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. We chose bars with a specific nutrient profile: 225 calories or less, less than 3 grams saturated fat and (for satiety) at least 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. One taster reported that she used to eat power bars as a meal replacement, until she realized that the right sandwich could be lower in calories—and more satisfying.
With delicious flavors such as peanut butter dark chocolate and peanut, almond, and dark chocolate, these bars are a win-win. So we munched and crunched numbers to find the best bars, ones that delivered on both taste and nutrition.
The ingredient lists are often similar to those of candy bars: plenty of corn syrup, sugars and partially hydrogenated oils. Consumers assume they are getting better forms of energy than those delivered by mere candy, but with all the new bars crowding the supermarket, it’s hard to know which ones are healthy and worth the calories.

We then did a blind tasting with a diverse panel that included two active teenagers who often eat bars while participating in sports and a fly-fishing guide who will take three or four bars on a trip for lunch.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. The answer is a qualified yes: some (but not all) are great alternatives that can make a positive contribution to your daily nutrition.
Lastly, steer clear of meal-replacement bars for specific weight-loss plans; these expensive concoctions often taste terrible and are surprisingly high in calories, while including undesirable ingredients and questionable health and diet claims. Serious athletes who want a post-workout recovery protein bar should look for bars with about 20 grams of protein.

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