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At the touch of a button you can have gourmet meals delivered to your doorstep INSTAKHAANA The folks here take the word `insta' seriously.
The BPA FREE Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer is an innovative 2-in-1 tool used to slice and steam food. Munchkin Fresh Baby Food System makes homemade baby food quick, affordable, easy, fun, and healthy. Meagan adores being a wife and is the proud mother to a toddler who thinks he’s a puppy and a chocolate lab who wishes he were human. To be honest, I could have given the chopper a little help by breaking the onion up some, but for fun I decided to just throw it in and see what happened.
Using one quick hand motion, the Fresh Food Chopper’s stainless steel blade dices food and drops it directly into the steaming basket. Whether you are at home or on-the-go, this transportable food grinder will provide your baby with healthy and fresh food.

The cleaning tool included in the Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer helps rid the chopper from food that becomes trapped. When Meagan isn’t pulling her son away from the doggie door or fishing dog food from his mouth, Meagan enjoys decorating her home, crafting, trying new recipes, eating at unique restaurants, and thrift shopping; nothing makes Meagan happier than finding a good bargain. She is very serious about eating healthy and I’m sure she would love to make her own baby foods with organic products. The price is awesome and it preforms great when chopping up my veggies, plus it is very easy to clean as stated above.
Then the chef steps into the kitchen and prepares a six-course meal that appeals to your tastebuds.
Once food is in the 3 cup steaming container, the sliding lid transforms from a chopper to a vented steamer. Enjoying the simple things in life, Meagan’s ideal date night includes cuddling up next to the hubby, watching Netflix, and eating Taco Bell.

Using the recommended cooking time (included with the Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer) you microwave your food for the appropriate amount of time. A lot of the meals we cook are Italian based and I was having a few things to chop up each night to prep for cooking.
I was in the kitchen for a good thirty minutes just prepping things, then another 30-45 minutes to get the meal all together and another 25-30 minutes, if not more, to wait for our food to bake in the oven. It chopped up the garlic perfectly, and all we had to do was useВ a spoon to get the minced garlic out of the chopper.
It only took about 2 minutes versus the 10 it would have previously taken us, and bonus- my husband didn’t smell like garlic for the rest of the night!

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