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But thisВ does notВ mean you can’t make better food choices and eat healthy on a budget.
This alone has made the biggest difference in reducing our food budget and staying on track eating healthy foods. Next, set aside regular blocks of time for planning meals, making your grocery list, and shopping, tasks that are most often shortchanged in food prep.
For HamВ – Roasted with cauliflower for “ham and potatoes” dish, used with bone for ham bone soup, put in omelets, wrapped up in lettuce or on salads for lunch, stir fry with cabbage for fast meal, etc. You can also prepare large amounts of ground beef, chicken breasts or any other meat you have around and structure your meals for the week around this. The fact of the matter is that most people don’t make eating healthy a financial priority. Many people spend lots of money on expensive coffee drinks, popcorn at the movies, chocolate bars, and more. There are other areas of a budget where you can save money to help buffer the food bill also. Cut Back on Supplements– Unless you are taking a very specific supplement for a condition, chances are you can back off of some supplements when you start eating healthier. If you’re in the habit of trashing supermarket flyers or pages of coupons from the newspaper, you may want to rethink that impulse.
Many people think that shopping at the local farmer’s market is more expensive than buying food in the grocery store.
If you are trying to eat healthy, hopefully you’ve already cut out things like soda, canned drinks, and processed juices from your food budget. If you have consumed many of these beverages in the past, go back and look at the percentage of your food bill that they take up. Cutting those items from the food budget will often free up a lot of cash for healthier options. Herbal TeasВ – To help get vitamins and antioxidants in, I make herbal teas and keep them in a large pitcher in the fridge. Beans and lentils:В whether canned or dried, these guys make nutritious, hearty soups, and can be a main course with the addition ofВ freshВ vegetables or rice.
Soups: can’t be beat for nutrition and convenience, especially since you can use canned or packet soups as your base, then add your own veggies and leftover meat.

Fresh vegetables and fruit:В should be bought at least once or twice each week, preferably in season, to ensure optimal taste and nutrition.
Meat and fish: can be kept on hand also for last-minute meals— try the tuna and salmon pouches, and shop for inexpensive cuts of meat that work well in stews and casseroles.
It’s not always easy to walk into a grocery store and choose salad greens and fish and ignore the miles of aisles filled with chemically-manufactured foods that are purposely designed to attract your attention and condition your taste buds to eat ever more sugar, fat, and salt. Yes, it may mean changing your habits and priorities a bit, but I assure you the results will be worth it. Follow them, and you’ll find eating well is much easier, cheaper, and more delicious than you ever imagined. Meal planning allows you to make some foods ahead and have them available for lunches or to re-purpose for dinners. When our budget is tightest, I prepare a large, inexpensive cut of meat and reuse it different ways throughout the week. Not because the food is good (it usually isn’t) but because I don’t have to cook and Zach doesn’t have to clean for one whole meal.
If you aren’t doing this already, you should be, and you probably already have the stuff at home.
I typically find the opposite is true, especially if you are willing to buy in bulk and can, dry, or freeze the foods you purchase.
In general, buying beverages in any prepared form is an expensive and unhealthy option. Even fruit juices cause a big insulin spike in the body, and are expensive without offering much nutrition. If you aren’t a fan of only drinking water, ever… there are still some healthier and cheaper options for nutritious drinks. Although basmati rice is slightly more expensive than white, the nutritional payoff is well worth it including the extra dose of protein not food in white rice. And remember, when you shift away from highly-processed carbohydrates and sugar-filled foods toward healing vegetables and pastured meat, your appetite will naturally diminish.
You will have more energy and vitality, you’ll heal your body naturally with the phytochemicals and healthy fats and proteins in these foods, and you may see your mood, memory, and cognitive function improve as well.
Just Google ‘natural homemade cleaning products’ and you will get tuns of recipes for everything from toilet bowl cleaner to laundry detergent! Your diet is naturally higher in these things too, so if you have to cut back on the supplements to eat a real food diet, consider doing this.

Seek out the bulk aisle of your supermarket or local health food store and see if you can get nuts, seeds, and specialty items like quinoa and shiratake noodles on the cheap.В Also, check out the frozen section of your grocery store, especially if you live in an area where access to fresh vegetables is limited.
You can stock up on things like these when they are in season, even buying several cases of sweet potatoes in the fall from farmers markets. Pasteurized milk isn’t a healthy option either as it contains some levels or hormones, and the nutrients have been largely removed by the pasteurization process. Veggies make great stir-fries and vegetable patties, while fruit is good for a quick nutritious snack.
You will not be as hungry if you eat healthier, which means you’ll eat less, save more money, and lose a few pounds in the process. Generally, the grocery store is the least busy early in the morning, in the middle of the week, and on any day but the first day or two of the month (when many people receive pension or paychecks). Saving the money from eating out lets me provide healthier options and we don`t really miss eating out. Supplements are meant to “supplement” a good diet anyway, and you can’t out-supplement a bad diet. Face it- the news is usually depressing and itВ doesn’tВ seem to be getting much better. By spending up to half an hour before you shop scan flyers for weekly specials and looking for coupons you can save a tun of money! You head to the middle aisles of the supermarket, and like a zombie scoop items into your cart almost mindlessly.
While fresh is best, frozen fruits and veggies run a close second, and you can often purchase these items at discount prices.
Getting local, organic, seasonal food is healthier, it helps you develop a closer connection to the foods you are consuming, and it’s often less expensive. Note which foods are good for you (the ones without labels) and which are built by food engineers and marketing experts to draw your attention away from your health goals. You can freeze what you don’t eat, share it with another family, or learn how to preserve the food at home.

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