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I wanted my husband and I to eat a healthier diet and of course save money, so that’s when I decided to start meal prepping. Meal Prepping is when you prepare your meals for the next few days or week to maintain a healthy diet. Weightlifters prep meals to ensure they are eating several, healthy, protein-packed meals throughout the day. I spent a little under two hours last weekend and prepared about twelve lunches for my husband and I to eat throughout the week.
When it comes to meal prepping I am always looking for ways to make healthy dishes that are quick, easy and will not go bad before I can get all the food!
This week I went with some lean chicken, tuna, greens and avacado for my lunches while at work.

New to meal prepping… follow you on fb, i really like your style of writing and how you explain things thank you.
One of the things that hit me the hardest while I was atВ Fitness RidgeВ is how much preparation (or lack of) can affect every facet of my life. You save money by having prepared meals ready to go and then there is no excuse to order fast food! Those who are trying to lose weight can pre-portion healthy ingredients based on recommendations from their doctor.
Unfortunately we do not provide nutritional information for our recipes as they are created by 3rd party bloggers. This week I got back into the kitchen to make food for a few days to stay on track and on top of my diet.

My name is Adrienne and I created JerseyGirlTalk as a way to connect with others to share fitness tips, healthy recipes, product reviews and discuss everything related to looking and feeling your very best. Meal prepping is even a time-savior for those who are following the Paleo or whole foods diet.
Dash seasoning for flavor and then some Ranch Mayo by Walden Farms (zero carb, calorie and sugar condiments which I love!) I also like to chop up some white onion and celery to add to the mix for some crunch! I am a 30-something Rutgers University alumni with a degree in Journalism, a hobbyist photographer, Aries to the fullest, fitness junkie, animal lover, meal prepper, bargain shopper and a newly happily married lady!

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