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Food site We Got Real has a roundup of inexpensive food ingredients that can help stretch your budget. We also discussed this chart of 20 cheap, healthy recipes that are made from pantry staples.
When you're on an especially tight schedule, you might not have the time to make lists or look up recipes, as menial as those tasks may seem. If you're on a budget but you also want to eat organically, consider being selective about the organic produce you buy. You can use the above mentioned apps to automatically plan your meals based on the recipes you like.

You start with your biggest meal, then work your way down, adding new recipes based on what might be leftover from the first meal.
Especially if money is tight, you want to be as resourceful as possible with your groceries. But in reality, tight schedules and budgets can make it difficult to plan ahead for cost effective meals. If you don't have much grocery money to work with, and you're not sure where to start, use this guide for planning meals on a tight budget. This is easier than trying to keep track of your total in-store, where you risk going over budget at the checkout counter.

To eat well on a budget, establish a system that includes strategies for saving, a backup plan, and ways to avoid waste. You can sort your recipes by meal type (breakfast, dinner, casseroles) or by cuisine (Asian, Mediterranean, etc.).

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