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There seems to be an abundance of websites, diet plans, fitness programs and diet pills that promise weight loss, but not many of these options can guarantee fat loss.
It is customary for most Americans to eat three large meals per day and add a couple snacks in between. The five meals will consist of three smaller main meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks mixed in between. Use these meals and combine them according to your tastes and lifestyle to create your ideal fat burning meal plan.
This hampers fat loss because dinner is the last meal of the day and most tend to go to sleep a few hours, if not sooner, after dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be well balanced with plenty of protein, fiber and a small amount of healthy carbohydrates to help sustain you until your snack between breakfast and lunch.

The body responds to a dietary change within a few days, and after two to three days of eating a fat burning meal plan, you should feel less water retention, bloating and your clothes fitting a little loser. In order to burn fat and lean out, all that is necessary is a healthy, balanced diet that includes the right foods in the right combinations.
After establishing your meals and planning your water consumption, it will be necessary to choose foods that contain plenty of fiber or add fiber to foods that you are currently eating.
Your meals should be between 350 and 450 calories each and each of your snacks should consist of approximately 200 calories. Before we delve into some healthy meal plans designed to turn the body into a fat burning machine, we need to discuss the many ways that food has the capability to help you burn fat. This is the meal that needs to sustain you through the rest of your workday and through busy afternoons.

Lean protein, vegetables and low glycemic fruits should be the main source of your calories with healthy grains added in for fiber as well. One other benefit to drinking water is that it helps fill you up prior to consuming your meals. Try drinking one to two glasses of water before each meal and you will notice that you will consume less food and feel full faster.

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