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The dry good lunch bucket has all the other dry type items such as bagged pretzels, crackers, homemade granola bars, trail mix, treats and more.
I have found that the easiest way for me to make the sandwich part is to take a large roll or sandwich bun, add in meat and cheese, wrap and freeze individually.
One idea you could do is to buy a bunch of re-usable sandwich bags – I love the ones from Neat-os. Consider making up a bunch of bento boxes in advance for the week if you have those containers.
I am glad to hear there is still a school left in the world that lets you send peanut products to school.
While everyone has unique differences and when there are life threatening food allergies involved of course some action needs to be taken.
I don’t know how to reply just to Jeanette, but if your child really has 12 food allergies then surely you are aware that a strawberry allergy is not a deadly allergy like the peanut allergy is. Our classrooms have a no peanut rule and our lunchroom has a peanut free table (anyone can sit there as long as their lunch is peanut free.) This seems to help all parents.
My heart aches when I see negative comments for our little children who we are trying so desperately to protect and live as much a normal life as possible.
After reading all the comments about peanuts allergy, I got to a conclusion that I have never seen so many inactivated people comment on a single post. Recently a guy ignored the warning on a airplane about a 4yo girl with severe peanut allergy. I live in Canada and we can send peanut butter in lunches at our school (my kids are in elementary school) so maybe it will change for you too! One thing to keep in mind before we kick off our new series of lunches: these are just ideas that are meant to inspire you to pack wholesome, healthful foods in your lunch boxes. Encourage your little ones to choose their own lunch items from your Paleo-friendly pantry and fridge. This is a super-easy lunch with components that can be made the night before, and with common Paleo pantry ingredients to boot.
Be sure to core the apple, and toss the slices with a bit of lime or lemon juice to keep it from discoloring. If you want to keep your sausage patties hot, pack them in a hot food container like a LunchBots Thermal. Thanks to the lovely people at nudie, I have a WHOLE TERM’S SUPPLY ofВ  kids nudie to give away to one lucky reader!
I love thinking of creative ways to fill my children’s lunch boxes with nutritious food they will eat. Monte has a thing for the Kiwi fruit, pack his own little utensil for scooping it and he gets so excited about it.
This is great because it’s easily adaptable for various intolerances and lifestyle choices… enjoy! My youngest loves Nori sheets cut into bite-sized pieces in his lunch box, and my eldest – cherry tomatoes. She decided to take with her the green beans, carrots, elbow macaroni, granola bar, graham cracker and grapes. In a nation of obesity, this is a way to carefully watch portion sizes of each type of food you give your child while making a visually fun lunch for them that takes as much effort as throwing these items into a baggie BUT you get to be environmentally friendly with these reusable silicone cups. Ya’ll are making me look forward to packing lunches for my kiddos one day And you’re giving me plenty ideas to spruce up the at home lunches as well!
Not only will this save you time but cold lunches can also be a lot more healthy too than the cafeteria mystery hamburgers. My children will take them out in the morning frozen and by the time it’s lunch the sandwich has thawed. You could also just use a few larger gallon sized bags and fill them with all the carrots, string cheese and other items. Never would they allow a meal brought from home to be heated at school an adult would have to run the microwave first and second it would take away hundreds of dollars from hot lunch program if kids could bring their own hot lunch. It has become an epidemic in our country (Canada) that no one is allowed any peanut product at all because there may be a child who has allergies.
It is a terrifying idea, the thought of something so trivial as a peanut could kill your child and for people not to be understanding about it, is very frustrating. Like was mentioned before, there are several types of allergies and some are deadly (you may need to use an EpiPen!).

My child knows about his allergy and knows not to eat other peoples food but young children my eat their sandwich and then touch everything before washing their hands. Feel free to disregard the specifics, and pack whatever real foods you and your offspring will actually eat. Then re-read my post on Paleo Mayonnaise and try one of the gussied-up mayo-based dipping sauces at the end.
And to keep your cold foods chilly, stick a reusable ice pack or two in the lunch bag next to your food container. But stay tuned for the rest of our series on Paleo school lunches, and in the meantime, share with us your favorite packed lunch ideas in the comments!
It’s so easy fall into a rut of making the same old thing day in, day out, rather than face a lunchbox full of uneaten food every afternoon after school. It will make the lunch that much more appetising, and more colour means a wider range of nutrients.
Still, variety can be achieved by offering those three foods in different combinations each day, or offering the three favourites plus one new food in each lunch box. Try using cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, cheese and fruit into fun shapes, line up cheese and cucumber side by side to make patterns (see pic 4 above), and use cupcake cases or other containers to add colour and fun to the lunch. Try something new and if it comes back home uneaten, leave it for now and try it again in a few weeks’ time. All you have to do is answer the following question, leaving your answer in the comments below. Winner must reply to my email within 2 business days or they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be selected. We freeze her favourites like strawberries, bananas and mangos then we but them in the blender with a little coconut milk and blend until it resembles a soft serve ice-cream. She feels like she’s having a treat and I take comfort that it’s not too unhealthy for her! For those with issues they are gluten free, refined sugar free, nut free and packed with the good stuff – plus they freeze like a dream!
It makes a VERY wet mix that doesn’t hold terribly well, so I bake them in a mini muffin pan at 160* fanforced for 10-12 mins til set.
And then, (lucky me) В my neighbor had a big stack of these adorable little heart cups and she gave them to me because she didn’t want them.
What I like about this is you can make a lunch from 3-6 of these depending on the appetite and age of your child. I place paper towels on top to make sure each item stays in their cup – but it’s great and my daughter loved it! My daughter has really enjoyed the variety and she’s getting healthier lunches in the process. Before I tried this method I always had a tough time with packing a cold lunch for my kids.
This idea is kind of like freezer cooking but for cold lunches.В  Once a week I chop and bag up all the fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers and any other lunch items all at once. Once a week I will separate grapes, chop oranges or apples (if I did apples I would first soak them in pineapple juice or fruit fresh so they keep longer), chop carrot or celery sticks and even make up some sandwiches to freeze. If they must have the condiments on their sandwiches you can always add them in between the meat and cheese, so when it thaws it won’t sog your bread. Then if you are using a bento box or other type of container you can easily just grab some out the day of.
So I will be trying to buy a few re-usable bags each month and slowly reduce my waste in the world. I agree they need to be healthy, but the kids often throw the lunch away and often I think it looks gross.
I understand the difficulity it is for a parent that has such a child but I often wonder what is going to happen to them when they get out in the world, after all not one place of work is going to dictate to workers what they can and can not eat. Not packing peanuts at school seems like a small inconvenience when you could be avoiding the chance of a child dying.
That is one of the reasons we must teach our own children very clearly about not sharing food and the harm it will cause them. I understand the severity of the allergy and have found most children with allergies are aware by school age of what they should avoid. Handing over the decision making to them will foster independence and will encourage them to take ownership of their lunch.

To be fair, I’m just as fussy as he is when it comes to fruit juice but for different reasons.
Doesn’t always translate across, but we have a better success rate than just putting something new in there.
I usually squeeze a small amount of lemon juice on the avocado and that keeps it fresh and green until lunch time. It will allow your kids some control over their lunch while still setting some boundaries for what they can have and how much. The thing that makes them work when you put them into a container (and I totally took a picture of this and meant to share it in the post – doh!) is to place a folded paper towel on top of the cups in a snapware (or similar) container and it keeps all the contents from combining inside.
I’m guessing they were all picked up by those who were more on top of things than me. But, I fold up paper towel and place it on top of the cups in a snapware container and it works out really well. DISCLAIMER: The content on the blog Happy Money Saver is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. They will have to rely on themselves to keep their hands clean and not place them in their mouths I guess.
There are kids allergic to dairy, wheat, strawberries, soy, and lots of other specific foods. We can’t eat anything that contains dairy because we will get sick, but anyone can eat dairy around us and the smell or simple touch are not going to do anything.
Because just educated them to do not eat peanuts may not be enough, for more educated about their allergy and knowledge about what they can or cannot eat is not going to save them to touch the table or another kids hands and suddenly stop breathing. They can also help with making sandwiches and packing the lunch, all of which will foster a healthy attitude towards their diet. The kids can quickly grab the items to throw in their lunches when they prepare them themselves in the morning or evening before.
I am not a medical professional and the information contained on this blog should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or health illness. I can give her a variety of very healthy foods for about half the cost of the $15 a week your school charges. I understand your son has some health issues as well but being in the same room as cauliflower is not going to cause your sons throat to close and his chest to fill with mucous making it next to impossible to breath.
I LOVE nudie fruit juice and have done for years and now that they have a dedicated kids range I don’t have to stand in the supermarket reading through labels looking for something healthy. I too like it to be 100% fruit, but these are the concentrate ones so would LOVE to give the Nudie’s a try!
Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before acting on any information presented here. It just took their body that long to develop the antibodies to that item to finally have a reaction.So to say that there are only a few deadly allergies is wrong.
If you’re looking for some tasty, healthy lunchbox options that are no fuss, and quick and easy to make, here are a few tips and ideas that you might find helpful. I simply rock up to the chilled section at Woolworths, grab our favourite flavours and off we go. And this picture will definitely serve as a menu because I have most of these things on hand regularly, so it will work well.
See your child having to have surgery because a parent can’t figure out something else to put on their kids sandwich at school! There are many more severe allergies than peanuts and its a little selfish to think that everyone should cater to a single severe allergy when there are many more out there. As with all nudie products, the packaging for their kids range is adorable – full of jokes, puzzles and fun facts for the kids to giggle over while they eat their lunch.
They also have a ridiculously cute website with all kinds of fun activities for the kids to enjoy. And I am going to tell you that stop breathing and get close to death is not fun for an adult, who tell a kid.

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