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When Chicago teacher Sarah Wu left her brown-bag lunch at homeВ and had to eat the cafeteria food, a nutritional activist was born. Something as simple as a serving of plain, fresh vegetables (nothing canned or frozen) is healthy and easy to eat. Kids love tacos, and the handheld food is easy for them to grab and eat no matter how little time they have.
Q) famously wrote about eating her school's lunches for a year on her blog Fed Up with Lunch.

Schools like them because they can sit on a shelf for six months, whereas “real” fruit has to be bought in season and served fresh. Ideally, it would also be organic and hormone -free, though that's an expense many schools might not be able to pull off.
When the taco shell is made with whole grains, and the filling includes lean beef or turkey plus fresh lettuce, tomato and cheese, this option is both yummy and good for 'em. Schools can serve oranges if they're first cut into wedges—with younger students, peeling an orange can eat up their entire lunch period.

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