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Here are a few Wonderful, Tasty, Healthy, Filling and Quick Lunch Menus that can be prepared in a jiffy. I was surprised to see few ingredients and since now a days I am graduated in cooking to develop a recipe with its ingredients, I thought of giving it a try in that way this time.
So this could be a quick fix for your lunch box for office going people, since less cutting work. When you pack your kid's lunch box, you need to keep your kid's taste in mind as well as haelthy diet principles.

Dilruba Rice (mix veg and paneer rice)- Dilruba (mixed veg rice) is an ideal Lunch box meal for kids as well as adults. I usually mix semolina with gram flour to make dhokla for kids so it is lighter and healthier.
But most moms worry about the fact that their little ones are a troublesome lot when food is concerned.  These little monsters are usually picky eaters who fuss over fruits, veggies and all things even remotely healthy!
So we thought of helping you and got this list of recipes that will make you and your fussy foodie dance with joy.

Also, in India, kids eat their lunch either in their class rooms or outside in the play ground. In the cafeteria they can either eat canteen's hot food or they can eat the lunch that they have brought from home.

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