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Blog Healthy, Build CommunityWe strongly believe in the power of the Healthy Living Blogs community and are always looking for fresh, exciting ways to promote one another and nurture the relationships between bloggers in our genre. DisclaimerAside from guest posts, the content written by Healthy Living Blogs is not written by a medical or fitness professionals. Reading these blogs day in a day out, I began to realize I was slowly changing my habits into healthier ones.
Most importantly, these blogs led me to Claire at Fitting It All In, who is a student at the Integrative Nutrition. I wouldn’t have learned of Integrative Nutrition, the awesomeness that is kale or what the heck Body Pump even is if it weren’t for healthy living blogs. I just blogged about this topic the other day… how in SO mnay ways, more than I could ever know or count, reading blogs has changed me as a person!
A lot of people don’t realize how important healthy living is to living a long and happy life.
Healthy living blogs are great ways to find useful information on things that will actually make your life better like nutrition, yoga, fitness, and even stress and mental health! Gracious post Brittney, your blog is too much interesting to read and, I also follow yours path for maintaining my health. My wife was always reading healthy living blogs and I was curious and looked at what she was reading. Lately I’ve received a handful of emails from you guys and a couple from your boyfriends and husbands asking me about healthy living blogs by men. As someone who absolutely loves blogging and reading blogs, I think it’s so much fun to discover new blogs. I found myself at a loss for a bunch of blogs to recommend to those who were reaching out to me hoping to find some great blogs by guys. The Didactic Pirate is one of my favorite blogs that is maintained by a man and not related to healthy living. Forwarding this to my hubby immediately He’s always complaining that all the bulk of healthy living sites are swayed to the female side. I’m Julie and I am a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are thousands of healthy living blogs out there, but not all are popular with people who want to know more about living healthy.

It is equally important to know the benefits of visual content, especially in the health niche.
If you want to monetize your health blog then you should consider consulting health experts in the industry. It is acknowledged that if you want your blog read then you must promote it in one way or another.
Every week, we share one of our favorite ‘how-to’ posts about blogging, social media, and the community we LOVE to love. Welcome back to Recipe Wednesday; another avenue to promote your very best content, this time in the form of your most favorite recipes on your blog. The beauty of the healthy living blog community is that it is diverse; clichГ© or not, there’s something for everyone. I’ve always tried to be pretty healthy but all the fitness and healthy living blogs have really inspired me to step up my game. At that time I also found multiple healthy eating blogs and I became addicted to reading them. I completely agree – healthy living blogs have changed my life and now that I’ve recently joined the blogging world, it is making a bigger impact on my life! I have slowly been reading everything I could get my hands on about healthy eating and creating workout schedules for myself.
I’ve learned tons from healthy living blogs too, and they inspire me to live a healthier, better life.
I thank my blog for helping me get over my last issues with my eating disorder and for reminding me that life is short. Healthy Living Blogs give you that confirmation that there were are others out there like you. I can relate to not being very healthy through college and trying to turn that around as my career took off and as I am getting older, which was more difficult than I had anticipated. Health isn’t just seeing a doctor when you are sick, you need to always be working at it to keep your body in tip top shape. And living a healthy lifestyle has physical and emotional rewards, and can prolong your life. I am currently in an online class that forced me to start blogging, and also to review other peoples blogs (hence why I am here)!

Though the majority of bloggers out there are apparently male (according to a Technorati study about blogger statistics), the vast majority of blogs I read are maintained by females. They will not only help you when it comes blog design, but will advise on what can be done to improve its functionality rate.
Take the time to get to know your co-members, pick up tips and tricks, blogging know-how, and recommendations from your fellow bloggers. My blog documents my healthy living lifestyle while wedding planning, dog-owning and cooking nutritious meals. Sometimes your friends don’t get it, but your blogger friends completely understand the hurtles and triumphs.
Peanut Butter Fingers follows my life and my interests in food, fitness, family, travel and (mostly) healthy living.
We believe that shopping through affiliate links is a simple, fun way to support the bloggers we dig and hope you do, too. I was never one to fall for the latest fad diet but it still felt so unreal to me that these women became healthy by simply changing small bits of their daily habits.
However, the following tips will help you understand the ABC’s of blogging and lay a strong a foundation as a health blogger. It is indisputable that WordPress is good for those who are starting to blog on health matters. Healthy living blogs have completely changed my life and I felt the urge to share with all of her readers my experience…so here we go!
Thanks for telling it like it is and sharing your experience with us, now please excuse me while I check out your recommended blogs!
If you are starting a blog on a shoestring budget, it’s better you do some research before using the free photos on the internet. Caitlin would link to several other bloggers often, so then I would find new ones like KERF, Eat Live Run, Meals & Miles and of course Carrot N’ Cake.

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