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Watch my Youtube video for Full detail on my secrets, tips, & tricks on how to grow long healthy hair + My Holy Grail Products shown above! 4 Responses to “Secrets, Tips, & Tricks to Long Healthy Hair + My Holy Grail Products!
Ooo you’ll love the hairspray it holds so well but is super lightweight so it brushes out easy! Definitely let me know how you like the hair mask, it’s seriously one of my favorite hair products I am so sad though because I think it may be making me break out a little bit, not forsure though So just incase try and make sure to really cleanse your skin well after you use the mask!

Of course I put makeup on everyday and now i know from your video, I wash my hair EVERYDAY. YAY for dirty hair lol, pretty soon it will adjust… AHHH thank you, I am so excited but also freaking out a bit! I try to get by without washing it because being a mom keeps me busy and there are days where I can’t take the time to wash it, but my hair gets so oily that I feel like I have to wash it everyday!
I felt like maybe I should check into those dry conditioners to see if that would be the solution, but with your tips I am going to try to wash my hair as less as possible!

Hope I didn’t sound too creepy but I am definitely looking forward to trying out your advice and only hope I can succeed!!!

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    Used as a substitute for almond flour in many baked goods flour can be used as a substitute for almond flour.
    Can be used as a substitute for vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium, various B vitamins did You Know?Sunflower seed.
  3. lakidon:
    Can be used as a substitute for phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium, various you Know?Sunflower.
    With protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper can be used as a substitute for selenium, various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium.