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Besides, most healthy eating shopping lists include foods which are neither healthy nor cheap. This simple grocery list includes fruits, veggies, meats, beans, legumes, and a few household supplies too. I do the same thing with my grocery list – except that I keep it stored on Google Docs. Everyone should also have a look at … you can print the shopping list or view it on your phone and it also records your previous items for future use.
This article is part of a delicious frugality series called How to stretch a whole chicken into many healthy meals. Adding up my frugal food budget the total cost for all 22 healthy meals (including side dishes) came to $48.60, or $49 bucks if you prefer a nice rounded-up number. There you have it — 1 snarky blogger, 1 sick husband, 1 organic chicken, 22 healthy meals, all for $49 bucks. This classy co-ed got the opportunity to talk with Culinary and Nutrition Communications Consultant and Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Robin Plotkin about her career choice and (italicize and) advice she has for college students trying to live healthy lives. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, eat healthy, and save money. Planting a garden will not only save you money on groceries but it can also be a great learning experience for your family.
Going into a grocery store without a list will only cause you to be tempted by impulse purchases. Much like sticking to your grocery list, planning your family’s weekly menu before you shop will prevent impulse fast food trips or quick stops to the grocery story.

I also avoid anything containing artificial sweeteners… these seem to be creeping into otherwise healthy foods like yogurt. If I don’t have a list, I learned a trick a long time ago that helps with making healthier choices. The plastic sheath idea is awesome…I have a very used freezer bag which could double for a grocery list cover. Here’s how I stretched a single organic chicken into 22 healthy meals for $49 bucks — this includes side dishes too people! The idea was to further stretch this chicken by making healthy soups and stews with homemade chicken broth. Here are some healthy, inexpensive foods that can be easily stretched to make multiple meals: oats, eggs, potatoes, kale, apples, nuts, beans, low-fat milk, seeds, spinach, broccoli and whole grain pasta. Having a confidence in the kitchen and a few dishes in your repertoire will help save money and eat healthier! It is often hard to budget in food after moving out of the dorms and losing out on a cafeteria meal plan. But it can be expensive to overhaul your diet and eat healthy – processed and packaged foods are cheaper and more convenient.
Eating locally grown produce is beneficial for your health, but purchasing these bulk items will ensure you always have healthy, affordable food in the pantry.
In a standard grocery store, stick to the outer edge of the store and try not to venture into the inner aisles as much.
I wanted to prove that eating healthy, organic food on a budget is possible when you take the time, put in the effort, and have a plan.

The point is that eating healthy food is not as expensive as so many people often whine about. With regard to anything on this list, always check the food label and ingredients to be certain that you are making the healthiest choice!
I’ve created the Printable Grocery List to help in your quest to find affordable, healthy, and delicious foods fast. The grocery store is also less busy then, less standing in line, and less chance of silly impulse purchases!
Buying packaged products and eating out is what kills the family budget, not healthy meals made at home from scratch. I hate getting stuck in a grocery store not knowing what foods to buy, so I’m sharing my free printable shopping list template with you. Follow my co-ed’s smart how-to guide for stretching dollars and maximizing buying power while turning your low-budget unsatisfying meals to cheap and healthy cuisine.
When I stick to the outside I usually ended up making better choices during impromptu grocery store visits.

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