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I didn’t avoid spices when breastfeeding my son, and at 22 months, he now loves Mexican and Indian food.
I have to agree with some previous posters that this list is ridiculous and potentially doing more harm than good, as you are completely over-complicating breastfeeding with this false information.
I’m sure there are exceptions to every rule, and perhaps some women may in fact have issues with some of the foods on your list. I was able to eat anything I wanted during breastfeeding and nothing seemed to bother my little guy. It is an excellent source of protein and calcium, both of which your lactating body desperately needs while lactating.
I encourage you to read Food and Healing by Annemarie Colbin, which is where I base much of my health philosophy.

And until I’m a paid scientific lab researcher (and before you are, too), all we can do is trust our health practitioners, our knowledge gleaned from experience and individual research, and, most importantly, our guts. He was put on meds to aid his digestion due to an umbilical hernia causing problems for him, but other than that I was able to eat anything I wanted.
I gave it up cold turkey while pregnant and only twice did I feel the need to have a cup of decaf, but that was late in pregnancy and I felt it was ok since I had obstained from coffee almost the entire pregnancy. Someone once told me not to eat chocolate while breastfeeding, but they didn’t have a reason, so I ignored it. The biggest thing about coffee for those pregnant and breastfeeding is it can block nutrients from prenatal vitamins or food you eat.
Also note: this is a reference guide for what to eat MORE of or LESS of; I do not mean to imply that these are the ONLY foods a mama should eat!

Nowhere in this post did I say that this was a tried-and-true method to which all mamas should adhere, but thanks for assuming. With my little one, he did have his boughts of gassy fussiness but he has grown out of them and I can pretty much eat anything now, but I need to avoid eggs and green chili in conjunction because that combination totally keeps him up at night. I do want to emphasize that while I need my coffee these days, I limit it to the morning hours and just 2 cups.

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