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Oats Pongal, a South Indian style healthy breakfast recipe with oats for your kids lunck box. Instant Oats Idli is a healthy Indian breakfast recipe with oats, rava, carrot, yogurt and spices. Spinach sandwich that is healthy, tasty and makes for a nutritious snack for kids and adults alike. This had been lying in my drafts and wouldn’t have seen the light of day if a reader had not requested for Chilli Cheese Toast recipe.

You may be also interested in other sambar recipes – keerai sambar recipe, mango sambar recipe,arachuvitta samabr recipe. Try Oats Bisibelabath, a healthy Indian recipe with oats, mixed vegetables, turl dal and a blend of Indian spices. Perfumed with whole garam masala, spiced with green chilies, sweetened with coconut, Dondakaya rice recipe is jazzed up with a squeeze of fresh lemon and brightened with fresh coriander. Last week saw the making of a lot of tomato based recipes namely, tomato pickle, tomato rasam, tomato soup and Tamatar Pulao.

The preparation time and cooking time varies from 30 mins to 18 hrs depending upon the process of the recipe. I had bookmarked a recipe for chicken stuffed buns quite some time ago but re-discovered it recently and got down to baking them over the weekend.

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