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The vigorous campaign to end childhood obesity has sent even fast food chains to revolutionize their menus and business. Healthy snacks are increasingly expanding and fast foods are taking their small steps to win in the anti-obesity battle that’s currently victimizing both children and adults alike. Starting with its all natural-pizza with toppings free of any additives, trans fat, and processed ingredients, NakedPizza is out to tell the nation that a fast food can be both healthy and flavorful. Unlike other conventionally-made pizza, NakedPizza dough is made from grains, prebiotic agave fiber and probiotics (beneficial bacteria that promote digestive health and are also found in yogurt). Jeff Leach, co-founder of NakePizza, proudly discloses “Our goal is a tasty, good-for-you pizza, an honest exchange, and the beginning of a real, meaningful change in the way people eat and live. Through whole grains, children are able to maintain their energy levels and feel fuller longer. With homemade popcorn, there are no additives and artificial flavorings, you only get fiber.
So, to make the job easier for you, dietitian Amy Jamieson-Petonic, certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD) at the same time the spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, offers you some tips on selecting healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks that will surely love to eat.
Lettuce wraps – Wrap lunch meat, cheese, sweet peppers, and your child’s favorite sandwich spread or dressing in green leaf or romaine lettuce leaves.
Custom salad bar – Set out the greens, the vegetable toppings, the nuts, and the cheese and let the kids make their own. Eating healthy foods impacts kids’ learning capacity and this fact is strengthened by a recent research conducted by Tufts University and the Journal of School Health and reported by the California Department of Education, which revealed that children who are fed with healthy foods are not only more likely to attend school but are also more motivated to learn.
Choosing healthy products from the school healthy vending machines such as fresh fruit, veggies and yogurts can become a great choice for your kids while they are away from home.
Pancakes have been an old-time favorite among children; however, the ones available in many fast food chains are laden with less nutritional value.
The reason why fast foods are so appealing to children is because they serve appetizing treats in the likes of pizza, burgers, fries, and so on.
Many are suffering from obesity, diabetes and hypertension and indeed the numbers are always rising. On Tuesday Michelle Obama told AOL Health, that to combat childhood obesity and to ensure that next generation of American children are healthy, would to take a collective effort from the nation.

She further said in order to improve quality of school food including vending machine snacks; she hopes to pass the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act. Kids will enjoy bringing these baked rice and corn puffs to school in their Trick-or-Treat bags. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of healthy, natural and tasty products in the industry. Our dedicated product development team endures that we provide the best and most recognized brands you know and love. These healthier snacks  and drinks will provide the energy you need to keep up with your busy Holiday schedule.  Best of all, they are sensibly portioned and delicious! If McDonald, Wendys, Burger King, and KFC have introduced their healthy meals particularly for children, NakedPizza is living to its mission of delivering a delicious, convenient and affordable pizza that’s part of a healthy lifestyle.
And the biggest catch here is that the pizza is half the calories of other takeout or delivery pizzas, and is also available gluten-free.
You definitely would not want parents to come up to you and suggest you prepare healthy snacks the next you prepare snacks for them. One of these is by giving him healthy snacks, especially after his sweaty day of soccer game or practice.
As a health, wellness and performance expert offers a variety of services in Cleveland, OH. So, kids’ should be given those from the major food groups that helps them regain they energy used up during their game. You can, of course, make the common mixed vegetable platter with your choice of any number raw vegetables and such healthy dips as hummus or red pepper dip. You can always find a fresh healthy vending machine filled with healthy choices, or use this list to help you entice and teach your kids healthy eating habits.
Unfortunately, despite the proven health benefits of eating nutritious foods, many parents still find it difficult to consistently make their children consume more healthy foods on a regular basis. On the hand, you can make your own healthy version of pancakes at home using whole grain flour which are already available in many grocery stores. Nonetheless, children should not be deprived with their favorites, therefore, it would work if you can create healthier sandwich version you can pack on their lunch bags.

And introducing them to eat healthier options at an early age is a good way to promote longevity and encourages them to lead a healthy lifestyle that they can pass on to their future generation. After launching its franchise company in 2009, NakedPizza has signed area development contracts in Miami, Boulder, Orlando, Tampa, New York, and Kentucky. The revolutionized menu supports the company’s goal to become a part of the solution that fights obesity by offering people healthy eating option.
One way to do just that is to provide kids with healthy snacks which they can munch on after school time. For sure, you have gone through those days, when you have been preparing snacks for your son and even the whole team as well.
She offer services like wellness counseling, sports nutrition, health coaching, media consulting, corporate presentations, dynamic group programs, and medical nutrition therapy. These are easy options for travel, home, or school, and kids will actually want to eat them.
Wraps made of whole wheat bread and slices of chicken or turkey with some fresh green leafy veggies will make kids happier during mealtime at school. As long as you eat the right kind of snacks from vending machines, then no harm is done at all.
The AP reported that based on research done by Institute of Medicine and National Center for Health Statistics, showed 10% calories of a young person originates from saturated fat and 21% of kids aged 9-13 yrs get one fourth of their energy from added sugars. Because with NakedPizza you are not only eating what you like best, you’re also eating it in a healthier version. And to make a few varieties, use sandwich cutters to create fascinating food designs out of the bread. Making homemade pizza and goodies for your kids allows you to have quality control on the food they eat during mealtime and snack time.

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