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Although giving your child money to purchase a meal from the cafeteria on a daily basis can seem like an easy out – less time consuming than having to pack a lunch and less pressure on you to pack a healthy meal that they will actually eat – you may be doing more damage on your kid’s health than on your wallet.
A recent study found that high-calorie packaged foods and beverages are more common than fruits, vegetables, and dairy in a child’s packed lunch.
Enlist the help of your children to come up with a list of healthy foods that they approve of. Your child may have a very short lunch break so creating less work for them to eat their lunch is ideal. It is extremely important to wash your hands and make sure all food preparation areas are clean prior to handling food. A lunch box packed full with fresh fruit, veggies and protein is a healthy meal for any kid. Fresh fruit is easy to pack (select fruit that is a suitable size for a child to easily hold in their hand and eat).
Use reduced fat dairy foods like reduced fat yogurt, reduced fat cheese or reduced fat milk (remember to pack with an ice pack).

Look at food labels to help you choose the products that are lowest in saturated fat, total fat, sugar, and salt. I am so grateful for my clients, and at Christmas I like to make sure they know how thankful I am.
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1- I pack the lunches at out house, because I am the one who makes the time in the morning. Do both yourself and your kids a favor and learn how to pack a healthy lunch that they will enjoy. Separate items from the list into categories of food groups and then allow each child to pick items from each group to combine together into a meal.
It’s also good idea to teach your child to wash their hands before lunch at school as well. When we go grocery shopping I always ask my son to help pick out items he wants to have for lunch.

Here are our suggestions on how to pack a healthy and hearty lunch for your kids that will be not just nutritious, but also delicious! This encourages them to choose foods that they will eat while keeping within the guidelines. Refrigerate cold lunches until the kids are ready to walk out the door and then include an ice pack. Fruit salad is the ideal lunch box solution; it’s colorful, easy to eat, and bursting with vitamins. They will be more likely to eat the fruit in their lunch box if they don’t have to work to get to it. With this new process he has come home with empty boxes and, seems to be more happier about his lunches!!

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