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You may have noticed that your baby can start to pick up small objects such as toys and food using their thumb and forefinger. You will see that your baby can gradually pick up small bits of food like O-shaped cereal or cut-up pieces of toast. Babies who show an interest in food may watch intently as you eat, grab your food or utensil or open their mouths. By about nine to 12 months of age, your baby will show signs that they are ready to feed themselves.

Once your baby is into a routine of eating solid food at meal times, you may discover that they prefer some tastes or textures to others. Your older children may enjoy helping to feed your baby, but they may not realize what textures are appropriate for your baby or recognize the signs of choking. The key is to share this special time with your baby by following their cues and abilities. Sometimes you need to offer a food 10 to 20 times on separate occasions before your baby or child will try it.

Do not let older children feed a baby or young child unless closely supervised by an adult.
It may take some time for your baby to understand what to do with the spoon of food in their mouth or how to chew and swallow solid food.

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